Nebraska Republican primary, 2008

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Nebraska Republican primary, 2008
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  John McCain official photo portrait.JPG Ron Paul, official Congressional photo portrait, 2007.jpg
Candidate John McCain Ron Paul
Party Republican Republican
Home state Arizona Texas
Delegate count 0 0
Popular vote 118,065 17,647
Percentage 87.00% 13.00%

The 2008 Nebraska Republican primary took place on May 13, 2008. John McCain won the primary, although he had secured his party's nomination weeks before the election through his performance in earlier primary contests.

Nebraska's primary was non-binding and only indicated Republican voters' preference for President. Nebraska Republicans' State Convention ultimately chose the delegates to the 2008 Republican National Convention, who formally nominated the Republican candidate for the Presidency. The State Convention took place on July 12. Delegates to the state convention were elected at county conventions held between the first and tenth of June.[1] Predictably, nearly all of the delegates chosen by the state convention were McCain supporters, although "at least one" delegate was a supporter of Ron Paul.[2]


100% of precincts reporting[3]
Candidate Votes[4] Percentage Delegates
John McCain 118,065 87.00% 0
Ron Paul 17,647 13.00% 0
Total 135,712 100% 0

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