North East Express

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North East Express
North East Express (Guwahati-NDLS).jpg
North East Express
Service type Superfast
Locale Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Delhi
Current operator(s) Northeast Frontier Railway
Start Delhi (Anand Vihar Terminal)
Stops 9
End Guwahati Junction
Distance travelled 1880 km
Average journey time 34 hours
Service frequency Daily
On-board services
Seating arrangements Available
Sleeping arrangements Available
Catering facilities yes
Track gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Route map
North East Express (Guwahati - Delhi) Express Route map.jpg

The North East Express is a daily superfast train of Indian Railways, which runs between Guwahati (capital of Assam and the largest city of North Eastern region of India) and New Delhi (capital of India). It connects North Eastern India to New Delhi, hence the name. The train belongs to NF railway zone of Indian Railways (headquarters at Guwahati). The coaches of this train belongs to Guwahati Division of NF Railway.

The North East Express succeeded the legendary Assam Mail in 1986.[1]

The train runs along the Guwahati-Barauni line, Barauni-Mokama line and Howrah-Delhi main line.

The train is numbered as 12505/12506:

The train has AC as well as Non AC accommodation. The composition of the train is as follows - 2A - 1 (A-1) 3A - 2 (B-1, B-2) SL - 13 (S-1 to S-13) PC - 1 GENL - 4 SLR - 2 The total rake length is 23 coaches. The locomotives used for this train are:

  • Guwahati - Barauni Junction/Barauni Junction - Guwahati - WDP-4/WDP-4B/WDP-4D from Siliguri/WDM 3A from Mughal Sarai or Howrah.
  • Barauni Junction - New Delhi/New Delhi - Barauni Junction - WAP-4 from Kanpur/Mughal Sarai/Ghaziabad/Howrah electric loco shed.

The train reverses at Barauni Junction either way.

This train is considered as one of the better options for travel between Guwahati and New Delhi. Recently this train has shifted its departure point from New Delhi to Anand Vihar due to congestion and saturation in New Delhi railway station.