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Nuapada is located in Odisha
Location in Odisha, India
Nuapada is located in India
Nuapada (India)
Coordinates: 20°49′00″N 82°32′00″E / 20.8167°N 82.5333°E / 20.8167; 82.5333Coordinates: 20°49′00″N 82°32′00″E / 20.8167°N 82.5333°E / 20.8167; 82.5333
Country India
 • OfficialOdia
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationOD-26

Nuapada is a city in western region of Odisha state of eastern India. It is the headquarters of Nuapada district. Nuapada district was carved out of the undivided Kalahandi district on 27 March 1993. It is on the western border of Odisha with Chhattisgarh. The district is part of Odisha both linguistically and culturally.

Places of interest[edit]

Yogeswar Temple, Patora

Situated 18 km from Nuapada Yogeswar temple at Patora is famous for its ancient and old. Shiva Linga.[1] Gulshan Kumar helped for the construction of the new temple.[2]


Current MLA from Nuapada Assembly Constituency is Bharatiya janta party candidate Basanta Kumar Panda, who won the seat in State elections of 2014. This is his second term as MLA. His first term was in the year 2000. Previous MLAs from this seat were Raju Dholkiya of BJD who lost this seat in 2014 after his two terms as MLA, Ghasi Ram Majhi who won representing JD in 1995 and 1990 and representing JNP in 1985 and in 1977, and Bhanuprakash Joshi of INC(I) in 1980.[3]

Nawapara district is part of the Kalahandi (Lok Sabha constituency).[4]

People and culture[edit]

The language spoken in Nuapada is a mixture of Odia and Chhattisgarhi dialect. Although it is a district headquarters, the culture is predominantly rural and agrarian. Nuapada has often been in news for alleged instances of starvation deaths in nearby places like Komana, Boden and Sinapali. Betting and country liquor is a common pastime for the local people as the place does not have any modern entertainment avenue. There is no cinema, theatre or sports facility in Nuapada.

The most famous personality of Nuapada is Ghasiram Majhi, who has been a four time Member of Odisha Legislative Assembly from Nuapada constituency.


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