Orca Seamount

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Orca Seamount
Orca LocationMap.jpg
Location of Orca Seamount
Vulcano bransfield-strait hg.png
Bathemetric mapping of the seamount, mapped with the swath sonar system of RV Polarstern during cruise ANT-XI/3.
Height ~500 m
Location Near King George Island, Antarctica
Coordinates 62°26′00″S 58°24′00″W / 62.433334°S 58.400002°W / -62.433334; -58.400002
Type Underwater volcano (Seamount)

Orca Seamount is a seamount (underwater volcano) near King George Island in Antarctica, in the Bransfield Strait. It is inactive.

The crater rim is about 3 km wide and about 500 m above the ocean floor.[1]

The seamount was first named by Professor O. González-Ferrán of Chile in 1987, after the orca (killer whale) often sighted in these waters.[2][3] It was mapped and studied by the ship RV Polarstern during an Antarctic cruise (number ANT-XI/3) in 2005.[4] The variant name of Viehoff Seamount (approved in 6/95 ACUF 263) was named for Dr. Thomas Viehoff, a remote sensing specialist in marine sciences. Name proposed by Dr. G.B. Udintsev, Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry (VIG).[5]


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