Perivol Rock

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Location of Snow Island in the South Shetland Islands.
Topographic map of Livingston Island, Greenwich, Robert, Snow and Smith Islands.

Perivol Rock (Bulgarian: скала Перивол, ‘Skala Perivol’ \ska-'la pe-ri-'vol\) is the rock off Snow Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica extending 230 m in southeast-northwest direction and 170 m wide.

The feature is named after the settlement of Perivol in western Bulgaria.


Perivol Rock is located at 62°42′02″S 61°20′52″W / 62.70056°S 61.34778°W / -62.70056; -61.34778Coordinates: 62°42′02″S 61°20′52″W / 62.70056°S 61.34778°W / -62.70056; -61.34778, which is 750 m northwest of Cape Timblón and 1.28 km north-northeast of Mezdra Point. British mapping in 1968, and Bulgarian mapping in 2005 and 2009.



This article includes information from the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria which is used with permission.