Pensioner Settlements (New Zealand electorate)

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Pensioner Settlements was a 19th-century parliamentary multi-member electorate in the Auckland region of New Zealand, from 1853 to 1870.

Geographic distribution[edit]

The electorate was in South Auckland, based on the settlements or suburbs of Howick, Onehunga, Otahuhu, and Panmure where the Fencibles lived; retired former British soldiers who were available to defend Auckland.


Pensioner Settlements was one of the original electorates used for the 1st Parliament elected in 1853; and existed until the end of the 4th Parliament on 30 December 1870. In 1871, several new electorates were created in Auckland.

Captain Symonds was elected on 30 April 1858.[1] De Quincey was elected in the 1866 general election,[2] but he resigned soon after. The 5 August 1867 by-election was won by John Kerr. A second person, a Mr Jackson, was nominated, but the returning officer would not accept the nomination, as Jackson was not on the electoral roll. Thus, Kerr was declared elected unopposed.[3]

Members of Parliament[edit]

The electorate was represented by seven Members of Parliament. From 1853 to 1860, it was a two-member electorate. For the 3rd and 4th Parliaments, it was a single-member electorate.[4]



multi-member electorate[edit]

Election Winners
1853 election John Bacot Joseph Greenwood
1855 election John Williamson
1858 by-election Captain Jermyn Symonds

single-member electorate[edit]

Election Winner
1861 election William Mason
1866 election Paul Frederick de Quincey
1867 by-election John Kerr

Election results[edit]

1858 by-election[edit]

Pensioner Settlements by-election, 1858[5]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Independent Jermyn Symonds 262 52.6
Independent Captain Balneavis 236 47.4
Turnout 498
Majority 26


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