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Panmure is a former New Zealand parliamentary electorate in the southern suburbs of the city of Auckland, from 1984 to 1996. In the four parliamentary terms of its existence, it was first represented by Bob Tizard of the Labour Party, and then by his daughter Judith Tizard.

Population centres[edit]

The 1981 census had shown that the North Island had experienced further population growth, and three additional general seats were created through the 1983 electoral redistribution, bringing the total number of electorates to 95.[1] The South Island had, for the first time, experienced a population loss, but its number of general electorates was fixed at 25 since the 1967 electoral redistribution.[2] More of the South Island population was moving to Christchurch, and two electorates were abolished, while two electorates were recreated. In the North Island, six electorates were newly created (including Panmure), three electorates were recreated, and six electorates were abolished.[3] These changes came into effect with the 1984 election.


Panmure was a safe electorate for the Labour Party. It was first held by Bob Tizard, who had first been elected in 1957 in Tamaki and who had since 1972 represented the Otahuhu electorate.[4] Bob Tizard retired at the 1990 election and was succeeded by his daughter, Judith Tizard.[5] At the 1987 election, she had stood in the Remuera electorate, where she got close to unseating National's Doug Graham.[6]

When the Panmure electorate was abolished in 1996, Judith Tizard stood instead in Auckland Central.[5]

Members of Parliament[edit]



Election Winner
1984 election Bob Tizard
1987 election
1990 election Judith Tizard
1993 election
Electorate abolished in 1996


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