Raulzito e os Panteras

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Raulzito e os Panteras
Raulzito e os Panteras.jpg
Studio album by Raulzito e os Panteras
Released 1968
Genre Psychedelic rock, blues rock, rock and roll
Label Discos Copacabana/Peer Music
Raulzito e os Panteras chronology
Raulzito e os Panteras
Sociedade da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta Sessão das 10
(1971)Sociedade da Grã-Ordem Kavernista Apresenta Sessão das 101971

Raulzito e os Panteras (Raulzito and the Panters) is the debut album by Brazilian rock musician Raul Seixas. the album was recorded at the time he was known as Raulzito, with his supporting band Os Panteras. The artwork of the album is based on The Beatles' With The Beatles artwork (indeed, there is a Beatles cover at the album: a Portuguese-language version of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds").

Track listing[edit]

1."Brincadeira" (Play)Mariano2:43
2."Por quê? Pra quê?" (Why? What for?)Eládio1:53
3."Um Minuto Mais (I Will)" (One More Minute (I Will))Dick Glasser, version by Raulzito1:46
4."Vera Verinha" (Vera Little Vera)Elácio, Raulzito1:59
5."Você Ainda Pode Sonhar (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)" (You Still Can Dream (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds))Lennon–McCartney, version by Raulzito2:19
6."Menina de Amaralina" (Girl from Amaralina)Raulzito1:56
7."Triste Mundo" (Sad World)Mariano2:15
8."Dê-me Tua Mão" (Give me Your Hand)Raulzito2:38
9."Alice Maria"Raulzito, Eládio, Mariano2:10
10."Me Deixa Em Paz" (Leave Me Alone)Carleba, Mariano, Raulzito1:47
11."Trem 103" (Train 103)Raulzito1:57
12."O Dorminhoco" (The Snorly)Carleba, Eládio, Mariano, Raulzito1:33


  • Raulzito - Lead vocals, guitar, vocal arrangement
  • Eládio - Backing vocals, guitar, vocal arrangement
  • Mariano - Bass guitar, backing vocals, vocal arrangement
  • Carleba - drums, vocal arrangement