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Dolle Dobber at DippieDoe, Netherlands.
Video of Lilla Lots at Liseberg, Gothemburg, Sweden.

Rockin' Tug is a flat ride manufactured by Zamperla. The ride is manufactured in both traveling and park versions. It is the first of a line of new "halfpiperides". Zamperla's Disk-O is another popular ride from that "family". The difference is that the Tug has a friction wheel, while the Disk-O is powered driven.

The idea itself is not new. Schwarzkopf made a ride called "Shuttle Boat" in 1978, in both portable and park versions.

Design and operation[edit]

Joyland's Rockin' Tug in the racked position

Twenty four riders are loaded into a tugboat shaped gondola, in six rows of four. The rows face into the center of the ride. The ride is driven back and forth along a track shaped in a concave arc, rocking back and forth. While this is happening, the entire tugboat rotates around its center.

The traveling version of the ride racks onto a single 28 foot trailer.


Several theme variations exist. The most common one is a tug boat, but other versions include a longboat, a pirate ship, and a skateboard.



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