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Russey Keo (Khmer: ខណ្ឌឬស្សីកែវ, "Crystal Bamboo"), also spelled Russei Keo, is a district (Khan) in the municipality of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This district consists of the northern and north-western outskirts of the main city of Phnom Penh, stretching from the Dangkor District in the west to the Tonle Sap River in the east. It is the second-largest district of Phnom Penh and covers an area of 105.56 km². According to the 1998 census of Cambodia, it had a population of 180,076.[1]

Camko City[edit]

Camko City is an urban development zone being developed by a consortium spearheaded by World City Co., Ltd of South Korea in the Russey Keo district. It has a projected investment valued at $2.063 billion. This mix-use development zone will have residential and commercial areas including health facilities, sports complex, educational institutions, cultural and convention center.


Russey Keo is subdivided into 6 Sangkats (communes) and 21 Kroms (villages).[2][3]

Sangkat (communes) Krom (villages)
Tuol Sangkae Phsar Touch, Tuol Sangkae, Tuol Kouk
Svay Pak La Kambaor, Lu, Svay Pak
Kilomaetr Lekh Prammuoy Kraol Kou, Spean Khpos, Boeng Chhuk
Ruessei Kaev Mittakpheap, Sameakki, Khleang Sang, Boeng Salang
Chrang Chamreh Ti Muoy Phum 1, Phum 2, Phum 3, Phum 4
Chrang Chamreh Ti Pir Phum Ka, Phum Kha Muoy, Phum Kha Pir, Phum Koa


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