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The fictional town of Salem, is the setting for the U.S. soap opera Days of Our Lives. It is located in the Midwest United States. It was built and named in 1802, since Salem celebrated its 200-year birthday in 2002. It was vaguely set in New England, until it was moved to somewhere in the Midwest in the 1970s. For many years the real Salem, Illinois held a Salem Days fest, which several members of the cast attended.

While it is constantly referenced as a town, it features more characteristics of a city; for example it is home of the large, multinational corporations DiMera Enterprises, Titan Industries and Basic Black, Mythic Incorporated, as well as a full University and an international airport. Despite its otherwise innocuous presence, over the years it has been a hotbed of foreign intrigue, organized crime, and other strange happenings.

Characters often make reference to Chicago being nearby and the 312 Area Code, indicating Salem may be in Illinois. This, however, had contradicted characters mentioning going to Illinois and by the license plates of the cars in Salem. Is notable to mention that some characters are Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs fans. It was mentioned that Salem had legalized gay marriage in a January 2014 episode. In October 2015, Today confirmed that Salem's location is in the state of Illinois.[1]

Families residing in Salem[edit]

  • The Alamain family (1986-)
  • The Black Family (1985-)
  • The Brady family (1981-)
  • The Carver family (1981-)
  • The Deveraux Family (1987–)
  • The DiMera family (1981-)
  • The Donovan family (1984-1992, 2002, 2010, 2012, 2013-)
  • The Evans family (1976-)
  • The Hernandez Family (2008–)
  • The Horton family (1965-)
  • The Johnson family (1985-)
  • The Kiriakis family (1985-)
  • The Olsen Family (1968—)
  • The Roberts family (1992-)
  • The Walker Family (1998–2006, 2008–)
  • The Williams Family (1970–)
  • The Jonas Family (2008–)

Salem locations[edit]

Bars, clubs and restaurants
  • Chez Rouge: gourmet restaurant owned by Maggie Kiriakis.
  • Club TBD: Club owned by Eduardo Hernandez and managed by Dario Hernandez; previously co-owned by Chad DiMera and Sonny Kiriakis then managed by Adrienne Johnson and Justin Kiriakis. It was "Common Grounds Café" until it was renamed "Club TBD" in 2013 and before that it was the Cheatin' Heart. Sonny would leave Adrienne and Justin in charge of the club when he left Salem in October 2015. Chad would sell his share of Club TBD to Justin and Adrienne in February 2016. In June 2016, Adrienne would mention that Sonny sold Club TBD and later on Eduardo Hernandez would buy it. Dario Hernandez begin to manage in July 2016.
  • Dune: Dance club.
  • The Edge: Club owned by Belle Brady; previously owned by Victor Kiriakis and managed by Rafe Hernandez. Victor intended to give the club to Sonny, however, he would decline the offer. Victor, in turn, would give it to Rafe in January 2015. The club was unnamed until July 2015. Rafe would manage the club from February to August 2015. The Edge would be renamed in February 2016, along with Belle buying the club from Victor.
  • Java Café: Popular coffee house located at Salem Place.
  • Penthouse Grill: Moderately upscale restaurant. Now a permanent set, it was first shown in the 1994 primetime special "Winter Heat".
  • The Brady Pub: Local eatery started in 1992 and owned by Shawn Brady and Caroline Brady. It used to be known as the Brady Fish Market.
  • Horton Center
  • Horton Foundation
Hotels and motels
Legal and law
Medical Facilities
  • Salem Place: Popular shopping plaza.
    • Balisitix
    • Java Café
Other locations
  • Intensity Day Spa: owned by Maggie Kiriakis.
  • Salem River: The river runs outside the city. Chris Kositchek's Schenariougiens, a cafe, bar, and motel lies somewhere beside this river. Stefano DiMera was presumed dead after hit the river with Alex Marshall. In 2000, the body of Marlo was found in this river. The Fancy Face boat lies on the dock in this river. The Brady Fish Marked or The Brady Pub, lies not too far from the dock or pier in this river. Victor Kiriakis mansion lies besides this river (2002).
  • St. Lukes: Local church where most religious ceremonies, such as christenings, weddings, and funerals, occur.
  • The Docks: Where the famous Fancy Face, Fancy Face II, and Fancy Face III boats were docked, and often visited by Bo and Hope Brady, and more recently Shawn-Douglas Brady and Willow Stark.
  • The Salem Spectator: Major newspaper, Jack and Jennifer Deveraux met working here.

Current Salem residences[edit]

  • Apartments/lofts
  • Cabins and cottages
  • Horton Cabin (Smith Island) - owned by Horton family Unoccupied.
  • Estates
  • Houses/Townhouses
  • Other Residences


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