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Sortable List Of Schneider Trophy Aircraft [1]
Year Country Manufacturer Model Designer Image Engine Power Racing History Speed Remarks
1913 France Deperdussin Deperdussin 1913 Floatplane Louis Béchereau Gnome 160HP 1st place 1913 74 km/h (46 mph)
1914 G.B. Sopwith Tabloid Sopwith Schneider.jpg Gnome Monosoupape' 100HP 1st place 1914 139.6 km/h (86.78 mph)
1920 Italy Savoia S.12 SIAI S.12.jpg Ansaldo 4E29 550HP 1st place 1920 172 km/h (107 mph)
1921 Italy Macchi M.7bis Macchi M.7bis.jpg Isotta Fraschini 260HP 1st place 1921 189.7 km/h (117.9 mph) 4th place at 1922 race.
1922 G.B. Supermarine Sea Lion II Supermarine Sea Lion II (from Filght March 1940).jpg Napier Lion 450HP 1st place 1922 234.4 km/h (145.7 mph) Last flying boat to win
1922 Italy Savoia S.51 SIAI S.51.jpg Hispano-Suiza 300HP 2nd place 1922 230.89 km/h (143.5 mph)
1922 Italy Macchi M.17 Macchi M.17.jpg Isotta Fraschini V6 260HP 3rd place 1922 213.9 km/h (133 mph)
1923 U.S.A. Curtiss CR-3 Curtiss D-12 465HP 1st place 1923 285.4 km/h (177.38 mph) Took 1st and 2nd place in 1923
1923 G.B. Supermarine Sea Lion III Supermarine Sea Lion II (from Filght March 1940).jpg Napier Lion 550HP 3rd place 1923 252.8 km/h (157.17 mph)
1925 U.S.A. Curtiss R3C Curtiss Racer NASA GPN-2000-001310.jpg Curtiss V-1400 565HP 1st place 1925 374.2 km/h (232.57 mph) 2nd place at 1926 race. Last biplane to win Schneider cup
1925 G.B. Gloster III Gloster IIIA -001a.jpg Napier Lion 700HP 2nd place 1925 217.1 km/h (199.17 mph) Shortest wingspan of all Schneider racers at 20'
1925 Italy Macchi M.33 Macchi M.33.jpg Curtis D12' 500HP 3rd place 1925 271.0 km/h (168.44 mph)
1925 G.B. Supermarine S.4 RJ Mitchell Napier Lion VII 680HP crashed before racing Crashed possibly from wing flutter of unbraced cantilever wing
1926 Italy Macchi Macchi M.39 Mario Castoldi Macchi M.39.jpg Fiat A.S.2' 600HP 1st & 3rd place 1926 396.6 km/h (246.50 mph)
1927 G.B. Supermarine Supermarine S.5 R. J. Mitchell Napier Lion VIIA 900HP 1st & 2nd place 1927 453.2 km/h
1927 Italy Macchi Macchi M.52 Mario Castoldi Macchi M.52.jpg Fiat AS.3' 1000HP Retired on lap 1927 457.3 km/h (284.2 mph) Featured swept back wings. 3rd place 1929 as M.52R.
1927 G.B. Short Short Crusader W.A. Bristow Bristol Mercury Radial 810HP Crashed before race Crashed during race trials.
1929 G.B. Supermarine Supermarine S.6 R. J. Mitchell Supermarine S.6A N248.JPG Rolls-Royce R 1900HP 1st place 1929 528.8 km/h (328.63 mph)
1929 Italy Macchi Macchi M.67 Mario Castoldi Macchi M.67 right 2009-06-06.jpg Isotta Fraschini 1800HP Both entries failed to finish race 485 km/h
1929 G.B. Gloster Gloster VI Gloster VI.jpg Napier Lion VIID 1320HP Withdrawn before race Fuel supply problems
1929 Italy Savoia-Marchetti Savoia-Marchetti S.65 Savoia-Marchetti S.65 rear right quarter view.jpg 2x Isotta Fraschini V.6 1000HP x2 Not entered Pilot between tractor and pusher engines to reduce prop torque and double power.
1929 Italy Fiat Aviazione Fiat C.29 Celestino Rosatelli Fiat C.29.jpg Fiat AS.5 1050HP Not entered Not ready in time
1929 Italy Piaggio Piaggio P.7 Piaggio P.7 black and white.jpg Isotta Fraschini V6 980HP Failed flight trials Radical design with hydro-vanes instead of floats however prop clutch problems proved insoluble. Speed was estimated at 580 km/h
1931 G.B. Supermarine Supermarine S.6B R. J. Mitchell Supermarine S.6B ExCC.jpg Rolls-Royce R 2350HP 1st place 1931 528.8 km/h (340.08 mph) Won the Trophy outright for Great Britain
1931 Italy Macchi Macchi M.C.72 Mario Castoldi Macchi MC72.jpg Fiat AS.6 2500HP Not ready for the 1931 race 709 km/h Final Schneider design and the only one with Contra-rotating propellers.

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