Signature (whisky)

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Type Indian whisky
Manufacturer United Spirits Ltd (USL)
Country of origin India
Introduced 1994
Alcohol by volume 42.8%[1]
Colour Bright amber[1]
  • Signature Rare Aged
  • Signature Premier Grain
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Signature, also known as McDowell's Signature, is a brand of Indian whisky, manufactured by United Spirits Ltd (USL), a Diageo Group company. It was launched in 1994.[2][3] It is a blend of imported Scotch whisky and locally produced products.,[4] and is sold in octagonal bottles.[5] It is available in two variants - Signature Rare Aged and Signature Premier Grain.[4]


Signature was launched in 1994 by United Spirits Ltd, formerly known as McDowell Spirits Ltd.[2][3][6]


Signature's marketing associates the brand with golf, horse racing, tennis and polo. Also sponsored are seminars a d theatre.[2][3] Signature sponsors the McDowell's Indian Derby, an annual horse racing event, as well as after match parties of the Indian Premier League. The McDowell’s Signature Club Golf Championship, sponsored by the brand, was launched in 2002.[3]

The brand sponsored Boniface Prabhu's participation at the 2003 French Open Wheelchair Tennis Championship.[7]

In November 2012, Akshay Kumar was signed as the brand ambassador.[8] Abhay Deol was the brand ambassador for Signature Premier in 2012.[9][10]


In the 2008-09 fiscal year, sales surpassed 1 million cases for the first time.[11]

The following table shows the annual sales of Signature Rare:

Year Sales (in million cases)
1998-99 0.018[3]
2000 0.11[12]
2002 0.18[3]
2003 0.22[13]
2009 1.1[14]
2010 1.3[14]
2011 1.6[14]
2012 1.8[15]


Signature Rare[edit]

  • Won the Indiastar Award in 2002 for "its innovative concept, visual appeal and convenience".[16]
  • Won silver and best in class at the 2005 International Wine and Spirit Competition.[17]
  • Won gold in "Blended Whisky (Under 10 Years Old)" category at the 2010 International Whisky Competition in the USA.[18]
  • Won bronze at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.[17]

Signature Premier[edit]

  • Won "Whisky of the Year 2012" at the International Whisky Competition in Chicago.[9][10][19]
  • Won "Whisky of the Year 2012" at the World Spirits Awards in Austria.[9][10]
  • Won a silver medal at the Ninth ISW International Spirits Competition in Germany.[9][10]
  • Voted second among "India's Most Trusted Whisky Brands 2014" according to the Brand Trust Report.[20]


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