Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School

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Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School
33 Heather Road
Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, M1S 2E5
Coordinates 43°47′22″N 79°16′23″W / 43.78944°N 79.27306°W / 43.78944; -79.27306Coordinates: 43°47′22″N 79°16′23″W / 43.78944°N 79.27306°W / 43.78944; -79.27306
School type Public
Founded 1971
School board Toronto District School Board
Area trustee Shawn Chen
Principal Alison Gassi
Grades 7-8
Enrollment 470
Language English, French
Color(s) White, Red, Green
Team name Mustangs

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Senior Public School is a senior middle school (grades 7 and 8) located in Agincourt neighbourhood of Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school was found in 1971, and was named after the explorer Alexander Mackenzie. SAM (abbrev.) is a part of the Toronto District School Board. SAM also has three French programs. One is the 'French Extended Program,' which has 3 periods of French in place of the English core classes, and vice versa. The students in the 'French Extended Program' learn French, geography and history in French. 'French Immersion Program,' where they learn French, geography in French, history in French, as well as math in French. Lastly, in the 'Core Program,' which is the normal program, there are 3 periods of English classes and one French class.

The students usually continue education through Agincourt Collegiate Institute. students are exposed to different resources and tools that help to create a better learning opportunity. North Agincourt, C. D. Farquharson and Agincourt Junior are the home elementary schools. White Haven will no longer be contributing to S.A.M, as they will be turning into a K-8 school. Other non-feeder schools that contribute in making up the schools population may include: Anson S Taylor, Percy Williams, Brimwood, Agnes Macphail, Iroquois, Alexmuir, and White Haven.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie is one of the most diverse schools in Toronto, with the student population consisting of 1% African American, 89% East Asian/Oriental, 20% South Asian, 0% First Nations descent, 1% Middle Eastern, 0.7% South American, and 0.3% Caucasian descent.

Every 2 years, the students in the French Extended/Immersion Programs get to go on a trip to Quebec City to improve their French language skills; all the students has the opportunity to go on a big trip to different parts of the world (Past trips have been to New York and Chicago.)

Unlike any other schools, SAM hosts a 2-week program at the beginning of school to teach students about the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens. Albeit it is based on the popular book by Sean Covey, according to the Handbook of Self-Help Therapies the book has not been thoroughly tested as a part of a treatment plan.[1]

Custodian Controversy 2015 As of November 20, 2015, the school is in a janitorial controversy. Many parts of the school, including the cafeteria, are unclean.[2]

The best teacher at this school is Mr.Manji.


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