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Smashcast logo.svg
Type of site
Live streaming
CEOMike McGarvey
Alexa rankDecrease 194,490 (April 2020)[1]
LaunchedMay 2017; 3 years ago (2017-05)

Smashcast is a live streaming platform that materialised after the merger of Azubu and Hitbox in May 2017.[2]


Azubu's acquisition of Hitbox was announced in January 2017.[3] At the time, they announced they were "launch a new platform, focused on optimizing the mobile user experience and monetization technologies, strengthened by our internally developed technologies, technical partner relationships and a passionate team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of video game live streaming."[4]

On May 9, 2017, both the Azubu and Hitbox websites were shut down and redirected traffic to Smashcast.[5] With focus on eSports, the service announced new features, such as the "Hype-o-Meter" (a viewer engagement feature that helps eSports fan cheer for their favorite teams), a feed on every profile page, and an integration with Discord.[6] In an interview with Redbull, CEO Mike McGarvey said that Smashcast was "the largest independent eSports broadcaster outside of Asia" with more than 10 million users.[7]


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