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Spastik Children was a punk band founded by Fred Cotton, James McDaniel and Rich "Jumbo" Sielert (of Pillage Sunday). Sielert, the drummer, was later replaced by Metallica's James Hetfield. Jason Newsted played one show with the band. Spastik Children allowed the members of Metallica to have fun and explore a less serious side of their musical talents. The band performed only in clubs and bars in Northern California. Their music was a raw punk style, occasionally performed with little or no rehearsal. James McDaniel and Fred's influences for Spastik where bands such as Fang, Flipper, Pillage Sunday and the Mentors. Cliff Burton and James Hetfield were original members, Kirk replaced Cliff after his passing. Jim Martin later joined the band as a second bass player. The music was, according to friends of the band, amazing at times but mostly hilariously atrocious.

Known members[edit]