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Hi, I'm EVula (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · moves · rights · renames · global renames).

You can easily spot my posts by my signature: EVula // talk // //

About me


I have a sense of humor. If you do not, that is your fault, not mine.

Interwiki links

As you may notice, I've got a collection of interwiki links under the "In other languages" heading to the left (note: it's just a sample of them... I've got over 170 different accounts). I've started spending more and more time editing other language editions of Wikipedia to help maintain the massive amount of interwiki links. Often, when an article is created in another language and the proper interwiki link is added to the English article, the other pages are left in the dark. I like to help fix that, and will often follow an article across multiple encyclopedias just to make sure that they all are up to date. We're here to build a free encyclopedia in every language, and cross-linking helps with that; I think it's something that too few people consider.

For those that are wondering if I actually know the languages that I'm editing in, the answer is no. I always provide edit summaries, but they are very language-neutral.[1][2]. I also sometimes add images from Commons to articles that don't have any pictures at all [3] or just have Fair Use images.[4][5]

All my userpages look roughly the same, and link back to my English Wikipedia and Meta accounts. I've also standardized my signature across each account (just crossing my fingers that I've made it say "talk" correctly).

I'd also like to note that I don't generally create an account until I come across a need for it. My eventual goal is to have legitimate accounts on 50-75% of the various Wikipedia editions; currently, there are 264, so my goal is 132-198. I'm in about the middle, and my wiki-career is far from finished. ;)

Now, all that said, my least favorite Wikipedias are, by far, the Urdu, Hebrew, and Arabic editions. Why? Because the damn right-to-left writing screws with my head every. single. time. Gah!

To view my complete list of (390+) Wikimedia accounts, check out my wikimatrix.


  • I used to have a real "here are my contributions" page, but it became ridiculously long in the tooth, and don't want to keep it up-to-date. Look at my recent edits if you really care, I guess. I'm mostly a cross-project wikignome these days anyway.
  • You can find information on my administrative contributions at User:EVula/admin.
  • I'm also an administrator on several other wikis; you can see a full list at m:User:EVula#Mini-matrix (or, you know, look to your right a little bit).

Here are some of the articles that have my photos on them:

Friends on Wikipedia

Editors I've met:

there were people I met at Wikimania 2012 that I didn't get the names of, so please add yourself to the list!

Real-life friends:

Folks that I know from elsewhere (generally from the Ambrosia boards) who post 'round these here parts:

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