Vorsetuzumab mafodotin

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Vorsetuzumab mafodotin
Monoclonal antibody
Type ?
Source Humanized (from mouse)
Target CD70
Clinical data
ATC code
  • none
Legal status
Legal status
  • Discontinued
Synonyms SGN-75
CAS Number
  • none
Chemical and physical data
Formula C6476H10006N1726O2028S50(C49H78N6O11)3-5
Molar mass 150 kg/mol

Vorsetuzumab mafodotin (SGN-75) is an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) directed to the protein CD70 designed for the treatment of cancer.[1] It is a humanized monoclonal antibody, vorsetuzumab, conjugated with noncleavable monomethyl auristatin F (MMAF), a cytotoxic agent.

This drug was developed by Seattle Genetics, Inc. The drug completed phase I clinical trials for renal cell carcinoma,[2] but development was discontinued in 2013.[3] No reason was given but SG plan to start clinical trials of SGN-CD70A in 2014.[3]


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