Sacituzumab govitecan

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Sacituzumab govitecan
Monoclonal antibody
SourceHumanized (from mouse)
Clinical data
SynonymsIMMU-132, hRS7-SN-38
ATC code
  • none
CAS Number
  • none
Chemical and physical data
Molar mass154.4 g/mol g·mol−1

Sacituzumab govitecan (IMMU-132 or hRS7-SN-38) is an investigational antibody-drug conjugate.[1] It is being developed by Immunomedics.


It is a conjugate of the humanized anti-Trop-2 monoclonal antibody linked with SN-38, the active metabolite of irinotecan.[2] Each antibody having on average 6.7 molecules of SN-38 attached.[3] SN-38 is too toxic to administer directly to patients, but linkage to an antibody allows the drug to specifically target cells containing Trop-2.


Sacituzumab govitecan is an investigational drug that has not been FDA-approved for disease therapy. Immunomedics announced in 2013 that it had received an FDA fast track designation for the compound as a potential treatment for non-small cell lung cancer, small cell lung cancer, and metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Orphan drug status was granted for small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.[4][need quotation to verify] In in February 2016, Immunomedics announced that sacituzumab govitecan had received an FDA breakthrough therapy designation (a classification designed to expedite the development and review of drugs that are intended, alone or in combination with one or more other drugs, to treat a serious or life-threatening disease or condition) for the treatment of patients with triple-negative breast cancer who have failed at least two other prior therapies for metastatic disease.[5]


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