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Welcome to the notability noticeboard
This page is for users seeking advice on notability and whether or not a topic meets Wikipedia's criteria for its own article.
  • Sources showing notability, and whether they meet Wikipedia's general inclusion criteria, will be examined here. Some topics have specific topic guidelines, which are listed below under "Subject-specific guidelines".
  • To show notability, you should list the key evidence of reputable journals, independently published books, reputable news and media sources, widely reputed measures of recognition, and other reliable independent published sources, which show significant attention being paid by those independent sources to the subject of the proposed article. These are crucial and must be available to support an article, as it is a measure of how much the wider unconnected world has shown significant and likely enduring attention.
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Additional notes:
  • For possible non-notability, you should review and summarize the available sources, showing why you feel the criteria are not met.
  • Detailed contents of articles and their quality of writing is not discussed here, and opinions expressed here do not guarantee an article will be kept on Wikipedia (ie, editor feedback and not a formal decision).
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