Zarraffas Coffee

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Zarraffa's Coffee
Industry Retail Coffee and
Retail Beverages
Founded 1996 (Australia)
Founder Kenton Campbell
Headquarters Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Number of locations
Services Coffee, Chocolate Drinks
Number of employees
200+ (2007)

Zarraffa's Coffee is a semi national coffee house chain located primarily in Queensland, Australia and with franchises in Western Australia and New South Wales.


Zarraffa's Coffee, established in 1996 by Kenton Campbell, was originally a roasting house operating from the backstreets of Southport on the Gold Coast. It opened its first store on the Gold Coast with three tables and nine chairs in 1996. Currently, the Zarraffa's Coffee group now has 70 stores throughout Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.

Campbell, a seasoned coffee-cart owner from Seattle, Washington, was headhunted to Australia as a consultant in 1995. Relations with his employer soured and he ended up on the Gold Coast with his physiotherapist - now wife and mother of his three sons. In the first Zarraffa's Coffee outlet, financed with a $9,000 personal loan, which was located "in the middle of nowhere" - a ghost-town shopping arcade where the only attraction was low rent and a post office next door, became a favoured cafe spot, drawing a big enough crowd for Kenton to negotiate a better position in the arcade.

By the end of 2007, Zarraffa's had 35 stores, including its first Drive Thru.

By 2009 the company had 40 stores, including a second Drive Thru in Toowoomba and a Central Queensland store at Rockhampton. Also in 2009 Kenton Campbell launched a non-profit charitable foundation established to act as a framework to source and channel funding into necessary research; to investigate, in a highly transparent way pressing environmental and conservation issues.

In March 2010, ABC show, Australian Story featured Kenton Campbell and his journey from an unfortunate childhood[clarification needed], to coffee entrepreneur and then conservationist.


  • In 2008, Zarraffas's Coffee was elected and received the Gold Coast Business of the Year award.[1]

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