Donut King

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Donut King
Subsidiary and franchise system
Industry Restaurant
Founded 1981
Headquarters Gold Coast, Queensland
Number of locations
360 +
Products Coffee, doughnuts, soft drinks, ice creams, milkshakes, frozen carbonated beverages, hot dogs
Owner Retail Food Group

Donut King is Australia's biggest doughnut franchise, based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


Donut King store in a shopping centre in Doncaster East, Victoria.

The Donut King chain was founded in 1981 in Sydney,[1] and is currently managed, under license, by the Gold Coast-based Retail Food Group Limited. Retail Food Group also manages Michel's Patisserie, Brumby's Bakeries, and bb's Cafe, with a total of 1050 stores within Australia and New Zealand.

The old logo, used up until late 2013.

As of April 2012, there were over 350 Donut King stores in Australia[2] in almost every major shopping centre. In July 2008, Donut King entered into a master license agreement with Shanghai-based Mak Brands, marking the Australian brand's first foray into the China market. There are now 14 stores in China.[3]


Besides doughnuts, Donut King also serves a variety of other food items and beverages such as coffee and teas, soft drinks, milkshakes, soft serve ice creams, frozen carbonated beverages, and hot dogs. Many of these are offered along with doughnuts as part of a promotion or 'deal'. They are famous for their hot cinnamon donuts which are 'cooked fresh to order' throughout the day.[4]

World's Largest Doughnut[edit]

On 5 December 2007, Donut King oversaw construction of the World's Largest Doughnut, in order to celebrate The Simpsons Movie's DVD release. It was created from over 90,000 doughnuts, using half a tonne of pink icing and 30 kg of sprinkles from Donut King. Taking 40 people over nine hours to build, the giant doughnut measured six metres and weighed 3.5 tonnes.[5]

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