Aurangabad division

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Aurangabad Division, Maharashtra
औरंगाबाद विभाग
Aurangabad Division.png
Location of Aurangabad division in Maharashtra
Districts 1. Aurangabad, 2. Beed, 3. Hingoli, 4. Jalna, 5. Latur, 6. Nanded, 7. Osmanabad, 8. Parbhani
Area 64,811 km2 (25,024 sq mi)
Population 15,589,223

Aurangabad division is one of the six administrative divisions of Maharashtra state in India. Its borders coincide with the Marathwada region of Maharashtra.


New Nanded Division has been created since Feb 2015 and Nanded, Parbhani, Latur, Hingoli districts are now in this new division.


  • Area: 64,812 km²
  • Area under irrigation: 9,610.90 km²
  • Population (2001 census): 15,589,223
  • Literacy: 68.95%


Marathi, Urdu, Hindi.


Coordinates: 19°53′19.63″N 75°20′36.37″E / 19.8887861°N 75.3434361°E / 19.8887861; 75.3434361