Chongming County

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Chongming County
The Nanmen Port of Chengqiao Town ,which is the County town and the biggest town of Chongming(as 2006)
The Nanmen Port of Chengqiao Town ,which is the County town and the biggest town of Chongming(as 2006)
Location within Shanghai
Location within Shanghai
Coordinates: 31°39′43″N 121°28′41″E / 31.66194°N 121.47806°E / 31.66194; 121.47806Coordinates: 31°39′43″N 121°28′41″E / 31.66194°N 121.47806°E / 31.66194; 121.47806
Country People's Republic of China
Municipality Shanghai
 • Total 1,411 km2 (545 sq mi)
 • Total 704,000
 • Density 500/km2 (1,300/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 202100
Chongming County
Chinese 崇明
Postal Map Tsungming
Chongming Island

About this sound Chongming  (simplified Chinese: 崇明县; traditional Chinese: 崇明縣; pinyin: Chóngmíng Xiàn; Wu: Dzonmin Jeu), formerly romanized as Tsungming, is the only county under the jurisdiction of Shanghai, China. The county consists of three main islands: Chongming (simplified Chinese: 崇明岛; traditional Chinese: 崇明島; pinyin: Chóngmíng Dǎo); Changxing; and Hengsha. These are low-lying alluvial islands in the mouth of the Yangtze. With an area of 1,041 square kilometres (402 sq mi), Chongming Island is the third largest island in Greater China after Taiwan and Hainan. The island first emerged in 618 due to a change in the water level of the river.[citation needed]


Fishing boats

Once the most rural area of Shanghai, it is now the subject of a major urban and agricultural master-plan led by Philip Enquist of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill. With the construction of a trans-Yangtze tunnel, the island is expected to increase in population while incorporating specialized agriculture in a sustainable design. It is also a major relocation centre for migrants from Three Gorges Dam area. Chongming has an area of 1,041.38 square kilometres (402.08 sq mi) and a population of 704,000 as of 2010. The Eco-city of Dongtan is being planned in the county. Dongping National Forest Park is also located in the county.


Towns: Chengqiao (城桥镇), Buzhen (堡镇镇), Xinhe (新河镇), Miao (庙镇), Shuxin (竖新镇), Xianghua (向化镇), Sanxing (三星镇), Gangyan (港沿镇), Zhongxing (中兴镇), Chenjia (陈家镇), Lühua (绿华镇), Gangxi (港西镇), Jianshe (建设镇), Xinhai (新海镇), Dongping (东平镇), Changxing (长兴镇).[1]

Townships: Xincun Township (新村乡), Hengsha Township (横沙乡).

Shanghai Chongming bridge tunnel[edit]

Construction of the Chongming bridge-tunnel (at a cost: 12.3 billion yuan (US $1.6 billion) began in 2004 and was completed in October 2009. The project now consists of two bridges, Chonghai Bridge and Chongqi Bridge, and an under sea tunnel linking Pudong in the south to Chongming island and Jiangsu province in the north via the towns in Nantong.


The Tour of Chongming Island International Cycling Race has been held on Chongming Island since 2007. It is held annually and includes a stage race and an UCI Women's Road World Cup race for elite women's.


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