Garden salad

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Garden salad
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Alternative names Green salad, tossed salad
Type Salad
Main ingredients Vegetables, lettuce or mesclun, salad dressing
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A garden salad (also green salad or tossed salad) is a salad consisting mostly of fresh vegetables. The base for the salad are greens such as lettuce or mesclun.[1]

The proper garden salad is served with a dressing, such as vinaigrette, French dressing, ranch dressing, honey mustard, Italian dressing, Thousand Island dressing, or blue cheese dressing.

Large garden salads may be served as a main course. These may have additional ingredients, such as meats or seafood. Small garden salads may be termed a "side salad." The ingredients are often tossed quickly in a bowl with the dressing.

Possible ingredients include:


Can be topped with:

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