Polci language

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Region Bauchi State
Native speakers
22,000  (1995)[1]
Zul (Mbarmi, Barma)
Baram (Mbaram, Barang)
Dir (Diir, Dra, Baram Dutse)
Langas (Nyamzak, Lundur)
Polci (Posa, Polshi, Palci)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
plj – Polci
ldd – Luri
Glottolog nyam1284[2]

Polci (Polchi) is a Chadic dialect cluster of Nigeria. Speakers are shifting to Hausa.

The extinct Luri dialect is not well attested. Work by Bernard Caron with the last speakers shows that it is closely related to Langas dialect.[3]


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