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Malawach served with tomato sauce and skhug
Type Bread
Place of origin Israel and Yemen
Main ingredients Puff pastry, oil or fat
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Malawach or malawah (Hebrew: מלאווח or מלווח‎) is a fried bread that is a staple of the Yemenite Jews.

Malawach resembles a thick pancake, and it consists of thin layers of puff pastry brushed with oil or fat and cooked flat in a frying pan.[1] It is traditionally served with a crushed or grated tomato dip, hard boiled eggs and skhug, or for a sweet taste, it is often served with honey.[2]

Through immigration of Yemenite Jews to Israel, it has become a favorite comfort food for Israelis of all backgrounds and national origins. Frozen malawah can be used as a substitute for dough in different recipes.[3]

A bread similar to malawach is also known as paratha or Indian flat-bread in Indian cuisine.[citation needed]

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