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Everyday life, 474[edit]

  1. C-Class article Personal life

Family and kinship, 54[edit]

Cooking, food and drink, 118[edit]

For fruits, vegetables, herbs and animals kept for food, see Biology/Organisms

Household items, 54[edit]

For appliances, see under "Mechanical engineering and machinery"

Sexuality, 27[edit]

Stages of life, 11[edit]

Sports and recreation, 181[edit]

Media-based entertainment are in other categories: Literature (books, plays), Performing arts (theater, ballet etc.), Mass Media (television), and Visual arts (movies and comics).

Recreation, 57[edit]

Sports, 124[edit]

Basics, 10[edit]

  1. C-Class article Sport
    1. C-Class article Doping in sport
    2. Start-Class article Extreme sport
    3. Start-Class article Sports equipment
  2. Start-Class article Ball
  3. Start-Class article Stadium
  4. Featured article Olympic Games
    1. Good article Paralympic Games
    2. B-Class article Former featured article Summer Olympic Games
    3. Good article Winter Olympic Games

Team sports, 32[edit]

  1. Good article American football
    1. Good article National Football League
    2. B-Class article Delisted good article Super Bowl
  2. Featured article Association football
    1. Featured article FIFA World Cup
    2. C-Class article La Liga
    3. Featured article Premier League
    4. B-Class article UEFA Champions League
  3. B-Class article Australian rules football
  4. Featured article Baseball
    1. Good article Major League Baseball
  5. B-Class article Basketball
    1. C-Class article National Basketball Association
  6. Start-Class article Basque pelota
  7. C-Class article Former featured article Cricket
    1. Featured article Cricket World Cup
  8. C-Class article Curling
  9. C-Class article Field hockey
  10. C-Class article Handball
  11. B-Class article Ice hockey
    1. B-Class article Delisted good article National Hockey League
  12. B-Class article Lacrosse
  13. Good article Netball
  14. B-Class article Polo
  15. C-Class article Rugby football
    1. Start-Class article Rugby league
    2. B-Class article Rugby sevens
    3. Good article Rugby union
      1. Featured article Rugby World Cup
  16. C-Class article Softball
  17. C-Class article Volleyball
    1. B-Class article Beach volleyball

Athletics, 14[edit]

  1. B-Class article Athletics
  2. C-Class article Running
  3. B-Class article Track and field
    1. Start-Class article 100 metres
    2. C-Class article Decathlon
    3. C-Class article Discus throw
    4. C-Class article High jump
    5. C-Class article Hurdling
    6. Start-Class article Javelin throw
    7. C-Class article Long jump
    8. C-Class article Marathon
    9. B-Class article Pole vault
    10. Start-Class article Shot put
  4. B-Class article Walking

Skating, 5[edit]

  1. C-Class article Ice skating
    1. B-Class article Figure skating
    2. C-Class article Speed skating
  2. C-Class article Roller skating
  3. B-Class article Skateboarding

Water sports, 9[edit]

  1. B-Class article Canoeing
  2. B-Class article Diving
  3. C-Class article Delisted good article Rowing
  4. Start-Class article Sailing (sport)
  5. C-Class article Underwater diving
    1. B-Class article Scuba diving
  6. Start-Class article Swimming
    1. C-Class article Swimming pool
  7. B-Class article Water polo

Other individual sports, 42[edit]

  1. B-Class article Angling
  2. C-Class article Archery
  3. C-Class article Auto racing
    1. B-Class article Former featured article Formula One
    2. B-Class article NASCAR
  4. B-Class article Delisted good article Badminton
  5. C-Class article Bowling
    1. Start-Class article Bocce
    2. C-Class article Bowls
  6. C-Class article Bodybuilding
  7. C-Class article Former featured article Bullfighting
  8. B-Class article Cue sports
    1. B-Class article Snooker
  9. Start-Class article Cycle sport
    1. C-Class article Mountain bike
    2. B-Class article Delisted good article Tour de France
  10. B-Class article Equestrianism
    1. C-Class article Horse racing
    2. B-Class article Saddle
    3. B-Class article Stirrup
  11. C-Class article Fencing
  12. B-Class article Golf
  13. B-Class article Gymnastics
  14. C-Class article Mountaineering
  15. C-Class article Orienteering
  16. B-Class article Rock climbing
  17. B-Class article Rodeo
  18. Start-Class article Shooting sport
  19. C-Class article Skiing
    1. C-Class article Alpine skiing
    2. Stub-Class article Nordic skiing
    3. Start-Class article Ski jumping
    4. C-Class article Slalom skiing
  20. Start-Class article Sled
    1. C-Class article Bobsleigh
    2. Start-Class article Luge
  21. C-Class article Snowboarding
  22. C-Class article Squash
  23. B-Class article Surfing
  24. C-Class article Table tennis
  25. B-Class article Tennis
  26. Start-Class article Olympic weightlifting

Combat sport and martial arts, 12[edit]

  1. B-Class article Martial arts
  2. B-Class article Boxing
  3. B-Class article Judo
  4. B-Class article Karate
  5. C-Class article Kickboxing
  6. B-Class article Mixed martial arts
  7. B-Class article Taekwondo
  8. B-Class article Wrestling
    1. Start-Class article Freestyle wrestling
    2. Start-Class article Greco-Roman wrestling
    3. B-Class article Delisted good article Sumo
  9. C-Class article Wushu

Timekeeping, 8[edit]

For the units of time (hour, day, etc.), see under "measurements"

  1. C-Class article Calendar
    1. C-Class article Chinese calendar
    2. B-Class article Islamic calendar
    3. C-Class article Gregorian calendar
  2. C-Class article Leap year
  3. Featured article Daylight saving time
  4. Start-Class article Night
  5. C-Class article Time zone

Colors, 20[edit]