Barr (Baloch tribe)

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The Burr as their Title is a powerful Hooth (Baloch tribe) tribe in Balochistan, Pakistan,

History and origin[edit]

Crossing the Gulf of Oman they assert that they settled in the valley of pishin Iran to the west of Mand, where they are still to be found in large numbers. The Barr originally is a Rind tribe, Barr settled on the strip consisting upon Pak-Iran border towards Pasni & Kullanch region. A part of the tribe afterward migrated to Panjgur and settled in the villages of Bonistan, Pullabad, Soren, Parom, Makkad and Patandar, where then the Gichki Sardar assigned them the Kucha of Kohbun, and their Kauda (the title given to the tribe leader) Mir Kauda Mohammad Khan eventually became one of the leading men of the locality, he enjoyed so much influence that he was made Naib of Panjgur after the removal of Sardar Mir Mohammad Ali Khan Gichki. The present Kauda is connected with most of the leading baloch families in Panjgur.