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Butter (also spelt Bhutter and Buttar) is a village in the Sialkot District of Punjab, Pakistan. It is located at 32°13'25N 74°44'30E which is a few kilometers away from the district capital, Sialkot, on the main Daska Road.[1] Village butter have been ruined totally in mughal era,the remains of ancient peoples of this locality are still present, near the natural stream passing through the village locally called as "Nala Aik " .In Maharaja Ranjit Singh period some migrant from "pindi Bhattian" were given land to cultivate in this village,the mahi botteri along with her sons settled in this village. From her three sons Hakam family have deep roots with the history and politics of this village. Ch Hakam sons, Chaudhary Boota Khan clan Rajput Bhatii serve the British government as "Zaildar".He was noble man and earn a lot of name for his family, the government allotted him a massive acre lands in gojra district, near Faisalabad.

Ch Boota khan was a literate person in this locality, he has a grip of Persian language as well. He launched many development projects in the agriculture sector. In those days his house was known as "Zaildar Hawali" and was a magnificent building, the remains of which can still be seen in the village and nowadays the "Zaildar Hawali" is under supervision of Ch Azeem Safdar.

Butter is internationally become famous when the native of butter killed two brothers harshly in a public place on 15 August 2010 as both brothers are accused of robbery and murder of village natives.

Nowadays Sons of Chaudhary Muhammad Sarwar and Chaudhary Muhammad Safdar (Grandsons of Ch Boota Khan) leading the village politics.


Coordinates: 32°13′25″N 74°44′30″E / 32.22361°N 74.74167°E / 32.22361; 74.74167