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Skyline of Comrat
Flag of Comrat
Official seal of Comrat
Comrat is located in Găgăuzia
Location of Comrat in Moldova
Comrat is located in Găgăuzia
Location of Comrat in the autonomous region of Gagauzia
Coordinates: 46°19′N 28°40′E / 46.317°N 28.667°E / 46.317; 28.667Coordinates: 46°19′N 28°40′E / 46.317°N 28.667°E / 46.317; 28.667
Country Moldova
Autonomous Region Gagauzia
Founded 1789
 • Mayor Victor Volcov[1]
 • Total 16,4 km2 (63 sq mi)
Population (2015)
 • Total 26,000
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Comrat (Romanian pronunciation: [komˈrat]; Gagauz: Komrat, Romanian: Comrat, Russian: Комрат) is a city in Moldova and the capital of the autonomous region of Gagauzia. It is located at 46°19′N 28°40′E / 46.317°N 28.667°E / 46.317; 28.667, in the south of the country, on the Ialpug River. In 2004, Comrat's population was 23,429, of which the vast majority are Gagauzians.

The name is of Turkic and Nogai origin.


The first seal of Comrat (1932—2005)

Comrat began to be settled in 1789, and received town privileges in 1957.[citation needed] During the time when the town was part of Moldavian SSR, Comrat's industry was geared toward the production of butter, wine, and rugs, the latter ornated with Moldavian motifs. The Comrat State University was established in 2002.


  • 1989: 25,800 (official census)[2]
  • 1991: 27,500 (estimate)
  • 1996: 27,400 (estimate)
  • 2004: 23,429 (official census)
  • 2006: 22,369 (estimate)
  • 2011: 24,135 (estimate)


A city with extreme poverty, Comrat is situated in the southern wine zone of Moldova. It is known for production of red wines and muscats. In Comrat and its suburbs there are about 10 wine factories.

Food production is very developed in the city. Comrat is a home for food processing factories, alcohol production, and an oil processing plant (the first and only one in Moldova).

There is also such economic agents as a ferro-concrete factory, furniture productions, wood processing, production of plastic windows and doors, cattle butcheries, and transport companies.


Comrat Wines - the oldest winery located in the south of Republic of Moldova.

Aur-Vin is a Moldovan wine producer from Comrat. This factory takes part of the Moldovan wine producer Dionis Club.


  • Cathedral of Saint John Baptist, built in 1820
  • Museum of local history
  • Museum of Gagauz culture, located in the suburb of Beşalma
  • Gagauzian art gallery
  • Turkish library by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
  • Alley of Gagauzian Glory
  • Memorial dedicated to defenders of Comrat (sculptor: Dubinovskiy)
  • Monument Dedicated to troops suffered in Afghanistan (sculptor: Afanasiy Dmitrievich Karacoban)
  • Monument of Vladimir Lenin
  • Monument of military tank
  • Monument to victims of Stalinist repressions.

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