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Map showing the nine districts of Delhi.

Delhi is a vast city and is home to a population of more than 16 million people. It is a microcosm of India and its residents belong to varied ethnic, religious and linguistic groups. As the second-largest city in (and the capital of) the nation, its nine districts comprise multiple neighbourhoods. The large expanse of the city comprises residential districts that range from poor to affluent, and small and large commercial districts, across its municipal extent. This is a list of major neighbourhoods in the city and only pertains to the National Capital Territory of Delhi. It is not complete, and outlines the various neighbourhoods based on the different districts of the metropolis.

North West Delhi[edit]

North Delhi[edit]

North East Delhi[edit]

Central Delhi[edit]

New Delhi[edit]

East Delhi[edit]

South Delhi[edit]

South West Delhi[edit]

West Delhi[edit]

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