Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Saint Maron of Montreal

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Eparchy of Saint Maron of Montreal (Maronite)
Eparchia Sancti Maronis Marianopolitana Maronitarum
Country Canada
Ecclesiastical province Immediately Subject to the Holy See
- Catholics
(as of 2014)
87,900[citation needed]
Parishes 17
Sui iuris church Maronite Church
Rite West Syro-Antiochene Rite
Established August 27, 1982 (34 years ago)
Cathedral Saint Maron Cathedral
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rahi
Eparch Paul Marwan Tabet
Emeritus Bishops Joseph Khoury

Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Saint Maron of Montreal[1] (in Latin: Eparchia Sancti Maronis Marianopolitana Maronitarum) is an eparchy (Eastern Catholic diocese) of the Maronite Church in Canada. In 2014 there were 87,900[citation needed]baptized. It is currently ruled by Eparch Paul Marwan Tabet.

Territory and statistics[edit]

Its episcopal see is located in Montréal, Quebec, where is located the Saint-Maron Cathedral. Its jurisdiction embraces all Maronite Catholic faithful of the Maronite Church in Canada. It is directly subject to the Holy See in Rome, not part of any ecclesiastical province. In 2014 there were 87,900[citation needed] baptized. Is current eparch is Paul Marwan Tabet, MLM.[2]

The territory is divided into 17 parishes and in 2014 had 87,900[citation needed] Lebanese Maronite Catholics.


It was established by the Pope John Paul II on August 27, 1982 on territory previously withut Ordinary for the particular church sui iuris. Most of the faithful Maronites of the eparchy arrived in Canada in major immigration periods, from present-day Lebanon, between 1860 and 1914, 1930 and 1960, 1970 to 1980 and 1989 to 1991. The Maronites brought a rich culture to their new homeland and retained their religious affiliation in a traditionally Christian society which had become largely agnostic.

In 1985 was founded in the eparchy of Montreal the first Canadian Maronite monastery, Saint Anthony the Great on Ducharme Avenue in Outremont in Quebec, belonged to the OLM.[3] His former superior, Father Louis Hage was awarded by the Commemorative Medal for the 125th anniversary of Canada's Confederation on 13 April 1993.

Episcopal Ordinaries[edit]

Exempt Eparchs (Bishops)


There are 80,000 Lebanese Maronites in Montreal alone, distributed into seventeen parishes and missions.

The College of Antonin of the Lebanese Maronites is inside the Eparchy. He first built a monastery in the region in 1985 which is the Monastery of Saint Anthony the Great on Ducharme Avenue in Outremont.

Saint Maron is the patron saint of the eparchy. The Maronite Church of Saint-Georges du Mont Royal also attracts many Maronite worshipers in the region of Montreal.


(by Canadian province)

  • Our Lady of Peace, Calgary
  • Our Lady of Good Help, Edmonton
  • St. Charbel, Ottawa
  • St. Charbel, Oldcastle
  • St. Charbel, Mississauga
  • St. Elias, London
  • Our Lady of Lebanon, Toronto
  • St. Anthony the Great, Leamington
  • St. Peter's, Windsor
New Brunswick
  • St. Charbel, Fredericton
Nova Scotia
  • Our Lady of Lebanon, Halifax
  • St. Maron Cathedral, Montreal
  • St. Antoine le Grand, Montreal
  • St. Rafqa, Longueuil
  • St. Joseph, Laval
  • Our Lady of Lebanon, Quebec City
Prince Edward Island
  • Our Lady of Annunciation, Charlottetown


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