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Firearm as a blunt weapon or firearm as a blunt instrument is the practice of using a firearm as a blunt weapon, rather than the conventional role of shooting with it. Examples of this include:


Use of a firearm as a blunt weapon is usually seen in close quarter fighting, or when ammunition for the firearm has run out.[4] It is also an effective battle strategy when ammunition supply is low, since knocking out enemies without firing the gun allows the user to save as many bullets as possible for later, more critical use.

New recruits of the Israel Defense Forces undergo training on the safe practice of using the M16 assault rifle as a blunt weapon, mainly so that in close quarter fighting, the weapon cannot be pulled away from them. Other training includes the recruit learning how to jab parts of the body with the muzzle, and using the butt stock as a weapon.[4]

Forensic medicine recognizes evidence for various types of blunt-force injuries produced by firearms. For example, "pistol-whipping" typically leaves semicircular or triangular lacerations of skin produced by the butt of a pistol.[5]

In armed robberies, beating the victims with firearms is a more common way to complete the robbery, rather than to shoot or stab them.[6]

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