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RegionNorthern Territory, Australia
Native speakers
59 (2012) to 129 (2016 census)[1]
  • Garawa
Language codes
ISO 639-3wrk
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Garawa (or Garrwa, Gaarwa, Karawa, Leearrawa) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by the Garrwa people of northern Australia.



Front Back
High i u
Low a


Peripheral Laminal Apical
Bilabial Velar Palatal Alveolo-
Alveolar Retroflex
Stop p k c t ʈ
Nasal m ŋ ŋ̟ ɲ n ɳ
Lateral ʎ l ɭ
Rhotic r ɻ
Semivowel w j


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