Gorman, Edmonton

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Gorman is located in Edmonton
Location of Gorman in Edmonton
Coordinates: 53°37′12″N 113°22′55″W / 53.620°N 113.382°W / 53.620; -113.382
Country  Canada
Province  Alberta
City Edmonton
Quadrant[1] NW
Ward[1] 4
Sector[2] Northeast
Area[3][4] Pilot Sound
 • Administrative body Edmonton City Council
 • Councillor Ed Gibbons
Elevation 655 m (2,149 ft)

Gorman is a future neighbourhood in northeast Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In implementation of the Gorman Community Concept Plan, subdivision and development of the neighbourhood will be guided by a future neighbourhood structure plan (NSP) to be adopted by Edmonton City Council.[6] A 2.9 km light rail transit extension to this neighbourhood is planned but with no timeline or funding.[7]

It is located within Pilot Sound and was originally planned to be developed with community commercial and light industrial park uses within the Pilot Sound Area Structure Plan (ASP).[8]

Gorman is bounded on the west by the Brintnell and Cy Becker neighbourhoods, north and east by Anthony Henday Drive, and south by the Fraser, Kirkness and Ebbers neighbourhoods.[8][9]

Surrounding neighbourhoods[edit]


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