Innervision Records

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Innervision Records
FounderMark Dean
Distributor(s)CBS Records
Country of originUnited Kingdom

Innervision Records was an independent record label distributed by CBS Records. The label was established around 1981 by Mark Dean and Shamsi Ahmed which included Wham! on their artist roster, who scored four top-ten hits while signed to Innervision. Also signed to the label were Jimmy The Hoover who had a top 20 hit with "Tantalise," and the groups Animal Nightlife, The Promise, Girl Talk and Space Monkey. Innervision released its final single in 1985, by which time the label's records were being distributed by EMI.

Legal disputes[edit]

In 1983, Andrew Ridgeley of Wham! became conscious of legal problems with their initial contract at Innervision. While the legal battle raged, Innervision released a single containing a medley of non-single tracks from the album Fantastic, titled "Club Fantastic Megamix." Wham! publicly denounced the release, and urged fans not to buy it. After all the legal wrangling, Innervision admitted there were royalty discrepancies with Wham!'s contract, and it was nullified as part of a legal compromise with CBS Records.[1] The fall-out of the lawsuit led to the bankruptcy and eventual dissolution of Innervision altogether in 1985.[citation needed]

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