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South Cliff Funicular, an example of iPhoneography

iPhoneography is the art of creating photos with an iPhone.[1][2][3] This is a style of mobile photography that differs from all other forms of digital photography in that images are both shot and processed on the iOS device. Whether a photo is edited using different graphics applications is an argument among iPhone photographers.

iPhoneography has grown quickly since 2007, when the original iPhone 2G's 2-megapixel camera was released. As the iPhone cameras improved in both resolution and image quality, more professional photographers ventured into this art form and started recognizing the value of an iPhone image.[4][5][6] The New York Times published a summer series of reportages using Instagram in August 2011.[7] Photographer Damon Winter won prizes for his Hipstamatic photos[8] of the war in Afghanistan.[9]

iPhoneography techniques[edit]

iPhoneography techniques are created using iOS-based apps. They are important so that they can add more features to the picture that has been taken. Using these apps, people can make many changes to a picture that was very bad and turn it to a very cool one. Some of these applications are free and some of them can be bought. They can be found in the App Store.

"Storm is coming", an example of iPhoneography

Basic editing techniques are those that are very simple to do and can bring about major changes to the image. They are usually done with a single click and are automated by the application. They include:

Basic effects are those effects that have a great impact on the photo and they can change the face of everything. This is because they can involve removal of addition parts of the picture thus change the major appearance. they include:

  • Abstract
  • Blur
  • Dramatic
  • Graphic
  • Grunge
  • Lighting
  • Painterly
  • Portrait
  • Surreal
  • Vintage

iPhoneography tools[edit]

There are many accessories available to iPhone photographers, including:

  • Lens systems that clip directly on to the iPhone.
  • Tripods providing stability and preventing camera movement. They aid the photographer in low light.
  • Headphones can be used as a shutter release. The + (volume up) button acts as a shutter release for the camera.


There are many iPhone apps that allow photography, editing, and effects, and sharing via social media. Some of the most popular apps include Instagram, VSCOCAM, Camera+, BeFunky, FX Photo Studio, and Hipstamatic. Some of the applications, including Clashot, Foap, Scoopshot, Fotolia Instant, allow users to sell mobile-made photos as microstock photography.


Since 2007, iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) has been running iPhone photography competitions. It is the first and the longest running iPhone photography competition. IPPAWARDS has been celebrating the creativity of the iPhone users since the first iPhone has inspired, excited and engaged the users worldwide. Since then, every year, IPPAWARDS has selected the best shots among thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers from 80+ countries. Winners are selected by the jury in several steps and the "Photographer of the Year" prize awarded.[10]


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