List of diplomatic missions of Israel

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Diplomatic missions of Israel

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Israel, excluding honorary consulates. There are 70 resident embassies, 23 consulates and five "special" missions in the 159 states that recognise Israel.

Since its inception, Israel has been seeking diplomatic recognition in the international community. Its biggest diplomatic coup came with recognition from Egypt in the late 1970s, and Jordan in the early 1990s, leading to embassies being opened in Cairo and Amman. During the late 1980s, several Israeli embassies were opened/reopened in former Eastern Bloc states as the Cold War ended. The prospects of a Middle East peace agreement in the mid-1990s led to Israeli government offices appearing as trade representative offices being opened in a handful of Arab and Islamic states such as Niger, Morocco, Tunisia, Oman and Qatar. All have since closed the Israeli offices.[citation needed] Israel closed its embassies in Mauritania and Venezuela after the Gaza War, following demands by their national governments.

Since 2014, Germany has provided Israeli citiziens with consular assistance in all states where Israel has no official diplomatic representation.[1]



Israeli Embassy in Lima
Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C.



Israeli Embassy in Athens
Israeli Embassy in Berlin
Israeli Embassy in The Hague
Israeli Embassy in London
Israeli Embassy in Moscow
Israeli Embassy in Oslo
Israeli Embassy in Prague
Israeli Embassy in Warsaw


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  1. ^ The embassy of Israel to the Holy See is located outside Vatican territory in Rome.


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