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This article is about the video game series. For the first game in the series, see Resistance: Fall of Man.
The logo as seen on the top of the boxart for the first game
Genres First-person shooter
Third-person shooter
Developers Insomniac Games
SCE Bend Studio
Nihilistic Software
Publishers Sony Computer Entertainment America
Creators Insomniac Games
Platforms PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
Platform of origin PlayStation 3
First release Resistance: Fall of Man
November 11, 2006
Latest release Resistance: Burning Skies
May 29, 2012

Resistance is a series of first-person shooter and third-person shooter video games developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita video game consoles. The series takes place in an alternate history 1950's, in which an alien civilization known as the Chimera have invaded and conquered Earth, expanding their armies by capturing humans and transforming them into monster-like supersoldiers to fight for them. The player takes the role of one of the remaining human armed forces as they fight against the Chimera invasion. The series is noted for its use of both conventional and futuristic weaponry, reflecting Insomniac's previous work on the Ratchet & Clank series. All games in the series have been rated M by the ESRB.

The characters and related events are described, below, using in-universe tone, so the fictional alien invasion during 1951 is treated as fact rather than fiction, likened to Orson Welles' broadcast of War of the Worlds.


Aggregate review scores
As of April 18, 2011.
Game GameRankings Metacritic
Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3) 86.70%[1] (PS3) 86[2]
Resistance 2 (PS3) 86.91%[3] (PS3) 87[4]
Resistance 3 (PS3) 84.29%[5] (PS3) 83[6]

Main series[edit]

Resistance: Fall of Man[edit]

Resistance: Fall of Man is the first installment in the Resistance trilogy and was released on the PlayStation 3 in 2006 as a launch title for the system. The game is about the Americans and the British who join forces to stop an extraterrestrial species known as the Chimera from taking over Europe in 1951.

Resistance 2[edit]

Main article: Resistance 2

Resistance 2 is the second installment in the Resistance trilogy and was released on the PlayStation 3 in November 2008. The game's protagonist is Nathan Hale. It is set in 1953, shortly after the events of the first game. The Chimera have managed to cross over into North America and threaten to take over the continent.

Resistance 3[edit]

Main article: Resistance 3

Resistance 3 is the third and final installment in the Resistance trilogy and was released on the PlayStation 3 on September 6, 2011. The protagonist is Joseph Capelli, a character that was introduced in the previous game. It is set in 1957 and again takes place in the United States in cities like New York City and St. Louis, Missouri. It also drops the military aspect of the previous games and is post-apocalyptic instead.This is also the last game set in the Resistance universe to be made by Insomniac Games, as confirmed by its CEO Ted Price.[7]

Other games[edit]

Aggregate review scores
As of April 18, 2011.
Game GameRankings Metacritic
Resistance: Retribution (PSP) 82.89%[8] (PSP) 81[9]
Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita) 59.05%[10] (Vita) 60[11]

Resistance: Retribution[edit]

Resistance: Retribution was released on the PlayStation Portable on March 17, 2009. Set after the events of Fall of Man, the game follows James Grayson, a British Royal Marine first mentioned in Resistance 2, as he helps the human resistance force in Europe to retake the continent from the Chimera in 1951.

Resistance: Burning Skies[edit]

Resistance: Burning Skies was released on the PlayStation Vita May 29, 2012. The game follows the story of Tom Riley, a firefighter who sets out to find his family while fighting the Chimera, who have now taken over the American east coast.


According to Resistance 3 creative director Marcus Smith, the studio has a number of franchises it wants to pursue and that Resistance is not one of them. It is possible that the franchise will be handed off to another developer.[12] Insomniac CEO Ted Price stated that Insomniac "won't be making any more Resistance games."[13]

As of March 28, 2014, all online features of the 'Resistance' games have been discontinued.[14]


The alternate history of the Resistance series diverges from current history primarily at the end of World War I, leading to the formation of the European Trade Organization, a continental peacekeeping alliance, and worldwide peace, preventing the Great Depression, the rise of the Nazi Germany, and World War II, but also leading to Franklin Delano Roosevelt losing the 1940 presidential election to Montana Senator Noah Grace who leads the U.S into a semi-totalitarian isolationist state, as well as the rise of an isolationist Russian Empire, as before his abdication, Nicholas II appointed Grand Duke Mikhail as Tsar, who crushed the Russian Revolution.[15]

Approximate location of the Tunguska event, in Siberia.

A new menace arises from Siberia, with the epicenter corresponding to the time and location of the Tunguska Event of 1908. In 1921, Russia initiated a communications blackout with the rest of the world, and built a wall against its European border called the "Red Curtain". Word spreads of small towns, villages, and eventually cities in Russia and Eastern Europe that are destroyed within a single night. A strange cold front also develops over Russia and spreads outwards. European intelligence agencies attempt to listen in on Russian radio stations, only to hear a single message repeated over and over: "Brotherhood, Strength, and Fortitude ... in the face of the angry night."

In December 1949, the Red Curtain is suddenly breached by numerous Chimeran forces. The Chimera overrun continental Europe by February 1950, leaving very few survivors. The Chimera then proceed to dig underneath the English Channel, invading Britain in late 1950. The bulk of the British forces are wiped out, with the rest fleeing to scattered bases in the northern parts of England.

Some time after the invasion of England the SRPA (Special Research Projects Administration) begins experimenting with the virus, supposedly in order to find a cure. It is never revealed whether they are really attempting to find a cure for the virus or are simply attempting to create a group of superhumans just as Malikov did with the Cloven. This project is known as Project Abraham.

There are only two known locations where Project Abraham took place. One was an unspecified military facility in Alaska and another in Bryce Canyon, Utah. Out of the viral website it is known that the only survivors are Joseph Capelli and Nathan Hale. They are both later transferred into Sentinel Squad Echo.

After the events of Project Abraham, the soldiers who were infected with the Chimeran virus were formed into an elite squad known as Sentinels.

The Chimera[edit]

The Chimera are an alien species of unconfirmed origin that arrived on Earth with the asteroid from the Tunguska event, who serve as the main enemies in the game. They first appeared in Siberia shortly after the Tunguska event in the game's alternate history. The human forces initially believe the Chimera to be the result of a Russian biological warfare experiment gone wrong, but through events and revelations during the course of the game, along with the Chimeras' advanced technologies such as weather control, energy weapons, and force fields, it becomes obvious to the humans that the Chimera are extraterrestrial in origin. The Chimeran army expands by infecting humans with a mutagenic virus that causes its victims to fall into a coma, then slowly transform into Chimera while inside cocoons. Intelligence reports in the game speculate that more than one human body is needed for the larger strains of Chimera. The Chimera build conversion centers across their territory to both speed up this process, and create new breeds of Chimeran creatures. Large, jellyfish-like creatures, called Carriers, bring infected humans that have fallen into comas to these conversion centers. The centers become redundant in Resistance 2, leaving the converting in cocoons right in the cities where they were infected.

The main character of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2 is Nathan Hale, a human that has been partially infected by the Chimeran virus that gives him regenerative abilities but has not completely taken over his body. It is revealed in Resistance 2 that Hale participated in an American experiment named Project Abraham. The Americans tested the Chimeran virus on human subjects, and tried to inhibit the virus in some way. Hale was tested with a different strain, originating from what Dr. Malikov describes as "Pure Chimera". They are more than 60 million years old. In Resistance 2, Daedalus (Jordan Shephard) tells Hale that The Chimera had once ruled the earth millions of years ago.

The Chimera are much stronger than regular humans, and have between two and six yellow eyes. The Chimeran metabolism is said to be roughly twelve times that of humans', which allows for extraordinary healing abilities, but it also causes their bodies to overheat quickly. Chimeran soldiers have cooling devices implanted into their backs, to prevent fatal overheating. The Chimera thrive in very cold temperatures, which has led them to alter the Earth's climate through unknown means, reducing temperatures to the point where London is frozen over in July. The Chimera are led by creatures called Angels (large, flying monsters with multiple limbs emanating from their backs and extending toward the front around their heads) which possess a telepathic link to the Chimeran soldiers. Individual Chimera die without this psychic link. It is said in several intelligence reports during the game that the Chimera will devour their own kind, usually their wounded or dead.

In Resistance: Fall of Man it is revealed that the Angels take shelter in areas known as Chimeran towers which are massive spire like structures that are often hundreds of feet tall. In the Resistance: Fall of Man level "A Disturbing Discovery" it turns out that the towers are excavated rather than constructed as was originally believed. This suggests that the Chimera were on Earth before humans. This turns out to be true when in Resistance 2 it is revealed that the towers were on Earth several million years ago. Apparently something radical happened in the Gulf of Mexico, which incapacitated all the towers that are scattered around the world. It is presumed that the Chicxulub asteroid impact is linked to this due to a mysterious object being described by intelligence in the second game and the location in the Gulf.

In Resistance 2 a Chimera known as Daedalus, which originated from the very same experiment as Nathan Hale, takes control of the Chimeran forces worldwide after the surprise Chimeran attack on station Igloo. It is speculated that because he is supposed to be an older form of Chimera that he has more precise control over the Chimera than the Angels. It is revealed in several intelligence documents and mission briefings that the Chimeran command structure became more and more complex since the arrival of Daedalus and that the Chimeran offensive strategy has also become more tactical.

It is mentioned in Resistance: Retribution, since human bodies have been running low, the Chimera have apparently been dismantling old conversion centers around Europe, and building new ones, in which they are using a new raw material, the numerous amount of unused infected female humans as no female Chimeran has ever been seen in the previous game. During the demo chapter, Grayson tries to rescue a soldier named Bouchard, who is in the conversion process. She mentions that she is surrounded by bodies that are deformed, neither alive nor dead, all of them female.[16]


The Cloven do not appear in the story campaign mode for Resistance: Fall of Man but are mentioned in discovered intelligence reports and feature as an unlockable skin in the multiplayer mode. They do appear in Resistance: Retribution. They are bald, pale-skinned humanoids in foreign military uniforms and have cuts on them in Resistance: Retribution and have no shirt and [multiplayer only] wear skulls. In intelligence reports and on the official site, they are said to be maniacs who speak Russian, ritualistically mutilate themselves and their victims, and feed on the bodies of their own dead soldiers. They appear to be enemies of both the Chimera and the British-American forces, due to their hostility towards both. Despite this, they seem to be somehow connected to the Chimera, but in what way is unknown. In two of the intelligence reports found later on in the game it appears that the British started hunting for groups of Cloven. Also in one of these two it makes reference to a possible leader that may control the Cloven.

Information from Resistance's Map Pack 1 on the Official Website reports on a possible alliance between the Chimera and the Cloven. The Cloven were spotted ransacking Chimeran bases and encountering no resistance. It also reads in an intelligence report that the Cloven purposely lead the Chimera to York where the American soldiers would be landing, indicating York was a trap from the beginning. The equipment being taken by the Cloven is different from what has been seen in their possession so far. U.S. forces speculate that the Cloven are stockpiling Chimeran technology to be used against Allied forces. An encounter with the Cloven has shown that they now have weapons far stronger than anything witnessed from either side in combat. Whether the Cloven are in possession of advanced Chimeran technology or simply modifying existing Chimeran technology is unknown.

Claud Bouchard discovered Cloven are more insane alone when he secretly tortured 7 out of 8, but the last one cut his tongue off and died of blood loss.

It is revealed in Resistance 2 by Doctor Malikov that they are hybrids of human and Chimera caused by an antidote gone wrong. Their dead have photos of their leader stuffed in their mouth and middle fingers cut off. Malikov created them himself, during some experiments involving the Chimera. It was because of his "success" in Russia that he was transferred to the American Chimeran virus experimentation program, known as "Project Abraham". He then continued his work, thus creating "The Sentinels".


The Resistance games play similarly to most first-person shooters, and feature a variety of weapons. The weapons include both conventional weapons for the setting of the game, weapons created by the Chimera that possess unique features, and human weapons that have been modified to take advantage of the Chimera technology. Each weapon features two modes of fire which work in conjunction with each other. The human assault rifles include grenade launchers, while the Chimera "Bullseye" has a secondary mode that fires a marker, such that all bullets shot in the primary mode will strike the marked target for a short time.

The three PlayStation 3 games feature large-scale multiplayer modes with support for up to 60 players in Resistance 2 and up to 40 players in 'Resistance: Fall of Man'. Gameplay was reduced to smaller matches in Resistance 3. All three console games offer extensive stat tracking for online combat, with Resistance 2 featuring trophies that require online play to earn.


Main characters[edit]

Nathan Hale[edit]

  • Voice actor: David Kaye
  • Birth date: November 30, 1922 (Age 30-36)

Sgt./2nd Lt./1st Lt. Nathan Hale is a quiet, reserved and ordinary soldier in the U.S. Army Rangers who, over the course of the series, becomes a famous war hero and patriot during the Chimeran conflict. He is the first main protagonist. He gets his name from the real Nathan Hale, who was an American soldier in the Revolutionary War. In Resistance: Fall of Man, Hale's rise to fame amongst the British resistance begins when he is the sole survivor of the failed liberation of Britain, although Hale, due to volunteering for a government project called Project Abraham (whose purpose was to find a cure for the Chimera virus) prior to his deployment, survives due to his resistance to the virus. Hale joins up with the British Resistance, and, with his Chimera abilities, and over repeated missions, single-handedly locates the source of Chimera throughout the country and destroys it; liberating all of Britain from the Chimera permanently.

In Resistance 2, Hale was then intercepted and picked up by Special Research Project Administration (SRPA) soldiers; and Hale is forcibly recruited into the Sentinel Program - a task force of soldiers who are all semi-immune to the virus, like Hale (in certain cases, the members include fellow Project Abraham survivors). During Resistance: The Gathering Storm, more of Hale's history and personal life is explored, and Hale once again achieves notoriety when he effects a power change - he personally executes President Noah Grace for his treason to humanity.

Hale continues his duties against the Chimera, eventually ascending to command his own squad - Sentinel Team Echo - and with him finally reaching officer status with the rank of First Lieutenant. Hale and SRPA's fight against the Chimera, now led by "Daedalus" (actually Jordan Adam Shepherd, an old friend of Hale's), becomes increasingly desperate after Daedalus launches a successful invasion of the United States, and later successfully overruns the Liberty Defense Perimeter after a botched SRPA mission that leaves half of Hale's men dead and Hale himself on the verge of transformation into a Chimera (having neglected to have a compulsory viral inhibitor treatment well over the recommended timeframe). Hale and surviving SRPA forces launch a final attack to save America which succeeds; Daedalus is killed by Hale and the Chimera fleet is destroyed. After crash-landing his escape shuttle, Joseph Capelli, the only soldier other than Hale to be a survivor of the squad and the mission, finds Hale has almost finished transforming and about to become a Chimera. Capelli regretfully executes Hale with his M1911 pistol and says 'Forgive me, sir. It was an honor.'

Joseph Capelli[edit]

Pvt./Sgt./Cpl. Joseph Capelli is a U.S. Marine who, despite his skills and leadership abilities, is also known to be extremely rude, very insubordinate and had a disrespectful attitude to authority; effectively sabotaging his military career. This ultimately led to him volunteering for Project Abraham to become a Sentinel, to avoid prison time. The first to be injected with the Chimera virus, Capelli ended up being one of the few that survived, though he was left permanently scarred and the injection left him emotionally unstable.

Now part of SRPA, Capelli took part in Sentinel operations against the Chimera, although his insubordination left him demoted and transferred to Sentinel Team Echo under Nathan Hale's command. Once again, before, during and after missions together during the invasion of the United States, Capelli is disrespectful towards Hale, and at one point approaches Hale when he began to succumb to the virus, and told his superior officer he would not hesitate to shoot Hale when he finished transforming. Hale merely took the threat in stride; and invited him to do so when the time came.

Eventually, after a mission to Iceland ends in failure, resulting in the death of half of Echo Team, Capelli, despite his earlier attitude, finds and rescues Hale after he is critically wounded by Daedalus. However, Fyodor Malikov is too late to stop his transformation.

After Hale awakes, Capelli briefs Hale on the bleak situation - that the Liberty Defense Perimeter has fallen and that the Baton Rouge protection camp is all that is left and the people are about to starve to death. He then explains that their only hope to destroy the Chimeran fleet, hovering above Chicxulub Crater in Mexico, with the fission bomb Nellie in Operation: Black Eden. Capelli, Hale and surviving SRPA forces protect the fission bomb as it is loaded onto a shuttle. Capelli, Major Blake and Hale all board the Chimeran flagship in the center of the fleet formation and make their way to the bridge. Capelli directs Hale to the bomb after Blake and his team are killed. Capelli and Hale narrowly escape after killing Daedalus and arming the bomb. The resulting EMP forces them to crash-land near the Mexican coast and knocks Capelli unconscious. After waking up, Capelli steps outside of the shuttle to see Hale looking upon two massive sphere-like objects in the sky. After asking Hale what they are, Capelli realizes he has finished transforming into a Chimeran creature. Capelli pulls out his pistol and orders Hale to stay back, only to hear Hale's response of, "This is just the beginning." Capelli hesitates to kill Hale but he knows he has no choice and, contrary to his previous attitude and threats toward the lieutenant, says, "Forgive me, Sir. It was an honor." and is forced to execute Hale with his pistol.

In Resistance 3, Joseph Capelli was inoculated by the Hale Vaccine and dishonorably discharged by the military for being responsible for Nathan Hale's death. As a result, he gave up fighting the Chimera, who have already conquered the United States, and roamed the countryside, surviving in the wild, until arriving in Haven, Oklahoma where he met Susan Farley, the foster-sister of Hale. Circumstances between Capelli and Susan led them to be married and gave birth to a son named Jack. Since then Capelli remained with his new family in Haven for the next four years and, like much of humanity, hiding and surviving to protect his family and his home from the Chimera.

On August 9, 1957, Capelli became reunited with Dr. Fyodor Malikov, who wanted to recruit him into a mission to New York City in destroying the city's Chimeran tower that is responsible for terraforming the planet that would effectively wipe out the remnants of humanity. Capelli was unwilling to leave his family and rejected Malikov's mission for inadvertently allowing the Chimera to become aware of Haven. After helping evacuating the town as it was about to be destroyed by a Terraformer, Capelli was confronted by Susan who urged him to go with Malikov before parting ways with their son. Although bitter for leaving his family, Capelli followed his wife's urging and traveled with Malikov and began their long journey to New York City.

Two days later, Capelli and Malikov were caught in a thick fog while traveling on the Mississippi River by boat, and forced to go through the flooded ghost town of Wrightsburg. During the journey they were beset by Grims and later escaping from Dropships, Drones, and Longlegs until their boat was destroyed by Goliaths. Capelli and Malikov fortuately survived and arrived in St. Louis where they meet and help the local resistance group known as the Remnants. Their leader, Charlie Tent, proposed to Capelli of helping them acquiring a power core from a Chimeran Dropship to power their VTOL in return in providing him and Malikov a lift to New York. Capelli joined and assisted in helping the Remnants ambush a Chimeran Dropship, and though the plan went slightly awry, owing to a Chimeran counterattack and the interference of a feral Widowmaker, the plan was successful, and Capelli and Malikov were able to acquire transport to New York aboard the Remnants' VTOL.

En route, the VTOL came under attack from a Chimeran Dropship over Mount Pleasant, and Capelli was dropped to the ground during the dogfight. Making his way through an abandoned train yard and rendezvousing with Malikov, the pair were found by members of a religious community, led by Jonathan and Jean Rose, hiding in the remains of the town's coal-mining facility. In exchange for help fixing a train to get them the rest of the way to New York, Capelli was required to help the locals to kill a gargantuan Chimeran monster only ever referred to as 'Satan' that made its lair in the mining tunnels under the mountains. After a protracted battle, Capelli was able to kill the creature and the locals provided the pair with a train.

As they continued their journey by train Malikov explained to Capelli that four years before and after the failure of Operation Black Eden, SRPA had launched a disastrous attack on the New York tower that cost the lives of thousand men. Malikov warned Capelli that the chances of their success were slim to none, and that Capelli would likely never see his family again. Malikov also remarked that while the Chimera were perfectly evolved killing machines, they had no free-will or intelligence beyond the directives of their hive mind and theorized there might be a way to use it against them.

Problems later further arose as their train came under attack by marauders known as the Wardens, a band of violent and brutal survivors composed of inmates of the nearby Graterford Prison. Though Capelli managed to fight off the Wardens trying to board the train, the battle attracted the attention of a herd of Widowmakers, and the train was derailed in the carnage. Malikov was then killed and Capelli was taken prisoner by Mick Cutler, the brutal leader of the Wardens, who forced Capelli to fight for his life in a cruel, gladiatorial spectacle against Grims, Leeches and other convicts. After surviving his ordeal, Capelli was approached by Herbert Sawicki, a Warden sickened by Cutler's brutality and wanting a way out, who proposed an escape plan; to disable the Wardens' security system - a number of cannibalized Chimeran drones transmitting an all-clear signal to keep any Chimeran patrols in the immediate vicinity from investigating the prison - and then escape in the confusion.

Capelli was able to deactivate three of the drones, and while Cutler, having figured out Capelli and Herbert's plans, moved the last drone, Capelli had weakened the signal enough to lure in a number of patrol drones, who in turn drew the attention of a large number of dropships. As the Wardens desperately tried to fight off the Hybrids being dropped into the prison to investigate, Herbert went to free the other prisoners kept for the sick and cruel amusement of the Wardens while Capelli went after the last drone; though Cutler tried to stop him, after a brutal fist fight, Capelli overpowered and killed Cutler, shooting him in the head with a Magnum for avenging Malikov's death, before destroyed the last drone. With their security system gone, the Wardens were swiftly overrun as the Chimera, now alerted to their presence launched a full-scale attack, Capelli, Herbert and the other prisoners made use of the confusion to escape. Capelli then advised Herbert and the others to look after each other before continuing alone on foot to New York.

Arriving to find New York all but buried in snow and ice and occupied by the Chimera, Capelli holed himself up in an abandoned building. Finding a working radio inside, Capelli broadcast a farewell message to his family, stating his fear that with Malikov dead, any chance of destroying the tower was lost. However, he decided to continue on his mission.

After making his way through the ruined city, he was overwhelmed by heavy Chimeran forces until finally being rescued by Charlie Tent in his VTOL. Charlie had been requested to take Capelli back to Oklahoma under his wife's orders; however, Capelli decided to continue to stay in New York to shut down the tower. Capelli develops a desperate plan that they would hijack a terraformer and cause it to crash into the tower, therefore closing the wormhole that is creating the terraforming process. Together with Charlie, Capelli navigated his way into the terraformer's core room where he destroyed the reactor. After successfully destroying the reactor, Capelli was pushed into the center of the core where he hung on for dear life while fending off Chimeran forces until he fell off the platform and towards the terraformer's beam where he is then fortunately saved by Charlie. They quickly flew away from New York just as the destroyed terrafomer crashed into the tower, severely damaging it and causing to disrupt the power surge and the wormhole is finally closed off. Capelli traveled back to Oklahoma, where he is reunited with his family.

James Grayson[edit]

Lt./Pvt./Col. James Grayson is a Lieutenant from the British Royal Marines and features as the main protagonist during Resistance: Retribution. Grayson suffered a complete breakdown when his brother Jonny was discovered within a Chimaeran conversion facility in mid-process of the conversion and is forced to follow regulations. Even though at first one of his squad members suggested that he should not do it, James took it upon himself to take his own brother's life. Grayson, despite rising to become a folk hero, is eventually tracked down, captured and sentenced to death by firing squad. The Maquis Resistance, needing Grayson's experience in their efforts to liberate Europe; arrange for his release and installation as a SRPA-contracted Maquis mercenary. Grayson helps the Maquis and British forces during Operation: Overstrike, while helping the overall progress of the Operation, he also continues his vendetta against the Chimera, but eventually with time is able to lay his emotional problems to rest. After liberating Europe, and redeeming himself in front of his British superiors, Grayson declines reinstatement to the British military, and instead joins the Maquis full-time; as Colonel Roland Malery's replacement. He went MIA during a mission to attack the Chimera in Russia, though was later revealed to still exist as a rogue soldier known as "The Cloven Killer". Grayson is last seen, infected with the Chimeran virus, in Moscow.

Fyodor Malikov[edit]

  • Voice actor: Greg Ellis
  • Birth date: March 1896 (Age 57-61)

Dr. Fyodor Malikov is a mysterious Russian scientist who is the world's greatest expert on Chimera. Malikov initially worked with the Russian government against the Chimera, although his efforts instead led to the creation of the Cloven (who, despite him not being able to control, nevertheless worship him as their "father"). Malikov was forcibly recruited by the American government, and so was one of the three co-founders of SRPA; leading research efforts into the Chimera's history in an effort to defeat them. All of Malikov's efforts, ultimately are found to have caused more harm than good; a revelation that leads Malikov to consider suicide. It was revealed in an interview for Resistance 3 that Malikov decided to dedicate his remaining time to find a cure for the virus, feeling he owed the dead that effort.

Rachel Parker[edit]

  • Voice actor: Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy
  • Birth date: 1922 (Age 36)

Cpt./Col. Rachel Parker is a highly intelligent officer, with British Army Intelligence, who worked with the military against the Chimera since the early days of the conflict. Following the invasion of Britain, and the deaths of the British military hierarchy, including Parker's father, Parker, only a Captain at the time, became de facto head of the British Intelligence Corps, and leader of the British Resistance. At her direction, Parker and Lieutenant Steven Cartwright engaged the Chimera in a guerrilla campaign; with Parker's brilliance and leadership keeping the Resistance going despite the odds. In Resistance: Fall of Man, with Sergeant Nathan Hale's efforts supporting the Resistance every step of the way, Britain, eventually, was finally liberated and all Chimera on British soil were eradicated following the destruction of the tower network; Parker is implied to have developed romantic feelings for Hale; and sadly assumed Hale perished in the colossal explosion of the central tower in London.

In Resistance: Retribution, Parker worked quickly, initiating restoration and rescue efforts throughout the country, restoring and re-deploying armed forces, beginning research efforts into the Chimera's mysterious history and reverse-engineering the Chimera's left-over nuclear reactor technology and energy weapons. At this time, Parker was promoted to Colonel and made official head of the British Intelligence Corps and de facto head of the British Armed Forces. Parker eventually restarted the conflict in Europe by launching an invasion of the continent, coordinating with the SRPA and Maquis Resistance to succeed (in the case of the former; she learns Hale survived and now served with SRPA's Sentinel Program, and so drafted a sealed letter to him; the contents of which are unknown - but are suspected to be some form of admission of love).

Steven Cartwright[edit]

Lt./Mjr./Gen. Steven Cartwright is a troop leader in the British Royal Marines, who during the Chimeran invasion of Britain, and with the deaths of the British military hierarchy, becomes de facto head of the Royal Marines, under the command of Cpt. Rachel Parker; serving as her second-in-command of the British Resistance. Cartwright is shown to be flamboyant, flippant and easy-going; however he is also a highly competent tactician and brilliant soldier; leading many operations against the Chimera. In Resistance: Fall of Man, Cartwright occasionally fights beside Hale during his one-man mission to end the Chimeran occupation, until he was incapacitated during the final battle. Cartwright survived and returned to duty, now promoted to Major and made official head of the British Royal Marines, once again under now-Colonel Parker. In Resistance: Retribution, Cartwright works along with Parker and his former protege, James Grayson, to liberate Europe. In Resistance 3, Cartwright makes a minor voice cameo, being heard on a radio during a news radio broadcast.

Richard Blake[edit]

  • Voice actor: Troy Baker
  • Birth date: 1910-1912 (Age 40-42)

Maj. Richard Blake was a Sentinel who served as a high-ranking SRPA official, being its Director of Advanced Tactical Operations, Acting-Director of Tactical Operations, and Commanding Officer of the Sentinels. Blake was introduced in Resistance 2 and led and organised many military operations across the United States to fight back against the Chimera, even as the situation worsens. Blake also took the lead in many research and development efforts to create new weapons and technology in the war effort. Blake is killed in action during Operation: Black Eden, when he is shot dead transporting the fission bomb Nellie.

Secondary characters[edit]

  • Dr. Cassandra "Cassie" Aklin is a U.S. Army-employed SRPA psychologist who works to treat volunteers during Project Abraham. Aklin gets to know Nathan Hale during the time he is there; and ultimately falls in love with him. Aklin and Hale lost touch following his deployment to Britain; and Aklin's efforts to locate him ultimately get her removed from the Project. In Resistance: The Gathering Storm, Aklin, still treating soldiers during the Chimeran conflict, meets Hale again, and the two become lovers.
  • Johnny Grayson is James's older brother. Johny was infected by the Chimeran virus, forcing James to euthanize him.
  • Noah Grace was the 33rd President of the United States of America; having remained in office for three terms, and served as Commander-In-Chief during the Chimeran conflict. As revealed in Intel documents and online history; Grace defeated incumbent President Franklin Roosevelt and effectively turned America into an isolationist state; while outwardly he is a confident, self-assured and inspiring leader, in truth he is ruthless, immoral and eager for total control over the United States. His personality clouds his judgment during the worsening Chimeran conflict; leading him to enforce many policies that do more harm in the increasingly grim war. Ultimately, Grace was finally removed from office when Hale, as revealed in Resistance: The Gathering Storm, executed him for treason to the human race (having been exposed as trying to negotiate with the Chimera to save himself - at the expense of the rest of the world). He was succeeded by Harvey McCullen.
  • General Douglas MacArthur is the U.S. military's highest-ranking officer during the Chimeran conflict. Following the fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter in Resistance 2, General MacArthur succeeded President Harvey McCullen as Acting Commander-In-Chief following McCullen's death.
  • Harvey McCullen was Vice-President of the United States of America under President Noah Grace. McCullen was a far more capable and honorable leader than Grace, doing his best to direct Grace to make the right decisions during the Chimeran conflict. McCullen became Acting President when Grace was executed by Nathan Hale for his treason to humanity, and McCullen was sworn in as the 34th President of the United States (though the true circumstances of Grace's demise were covered up - McCullen praised Grace at his memorial). McCullen, now Commander-In-Chief, quickly worked to remove many of the damaging policies put in place by Grace, and re-focused the floundering war effort. In Resistance 2, during the fall of the Liberty Defense Perimeter, President McCullen and his entire cabinet were killed when, during evacuation, their VTOL was shot down by Chimeran fighters. He was succeeded, in a temporary capacity, by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.
  • Roland Mallery was a Maquis colonel. He was infected. He was killed by James Grayson. He was in love with Lt. Raine Bouchard, but without reciprocity.

Other media[edit]


Resistance: The Gathering Storm, a novel by William C. Dietz, was released in April 2009. It details what happened to Nathan Hale during the two years between the events that unfolded in Iceland; after his extraction from Great Britain, and later in San Francisco; where the Chimera launch the invasion of the United States.

Resistance: A Hole in the Sky, an indirect sequel to The Gathering Storm, was written by William C. Dietz. It is set before the events of Resistance 3.


Resistance, a six-issue comic book limited series, began in January 2009. The first issue, "Resistance #0" (which was available as part of the Resistance 2 Collector's Edition), details the early history of Private Jordan Adam Shepherd, the seemingly innocent soldier who volunteered to be a test subject in Project Abraham, and, due to the machinations of Doctor Fyodor Malikov, would transform into "Daedalus"; the Leader of the Chimera. Another comic issue released was called "Metastasis" telling the tale of a Nathan Hale mission and how he is to retrieve an antidote to the chimera virus.



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