KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Cikarang

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Jakarta Kota–Cikarang Line
KRL Bekasi Line
KRL Icon Blue.svg
05-108 Mangga Dua - Bekasi Line.jpg
Set 05-108 (former Tozai Line) departs Jakarta Kota for Bekasi.
TypeCommuter rail
SystemKRL Commuterline
LocaleWest Jakarta
Central Jakarta
South Jakarta
East Jakarta
Bekasi Regency
TerminiJakarta Kota
OwnerIndonesian Railway Company
Operator(s)Kereta Commuter Indonesia
Depot(s)Bekasi, Bukit Duri
Line length44 km (27 mi)[1]
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
Route map
KRL Jabotabek Lines.svg

KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Cikarang or the Bekasi Line is a commuter rail line in Indonesia, operated by PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI). The line connects Jakarta Kota station in West Jakarta and Cikarang station in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency, West Java. On maps and diagrams, the line is shown using the color "blue" (    ). Jakarta Kota–Cikarang is the extension of previously Jakarta Kota–Bekasi line which connects to Cikarang since 8 October 2017.[2]

Jakarta Kota–Bekasi line is the third-busiest line in the Commuter Line system, after red line and yellow line.[3][4]

There are now two routes operating between Jakarta Kota and Bekasi. One serves via Manggarai and other one via Pasar Senen.[5] Line and stations between Jakarta Kota and Manggarai are shared with the Jakarta Kota–Bogor line.


Station Distance (km) Transfers City Province
From previous


From Jakarta


Jakarta Kota - 0.0 KRL Icon Red.svg KRL Icon Pink.svg KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Tanjung Priok, KRL Icon Red.svg KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Bogor

TransJakarta Corridor 1 (Kota: K1-20)

TransJakarta Corridor 12 (Kota: K12-6)

West Jakarta Jakarta
Jayakarta 1.4 1.4 KRL Icon Red.svg
Mangga Besar 1.0 3.4 KRL Icon Red.svg
Sawah Besar 1.1 4.5 KRL Icon Red.svg Central Jakarta
Juanda 0.7 5.2 KRL Icon Red.svg TransJakarta Corridor 2 (Juanda: K2-18)

TransJakarta Corridor 3 (Juanda: K3-15)

Gambir Pass-through station
Gondangdia 2.2 7.4 KRL Icon Red.svg
Cikini 1.7 9.1 KRL Icon Red.svg
Manggarai 1.6 10.7 KRL Icon Red.svg KRL Icon Red.svg KA Commuter Line Jakarta Kota–Bogor

KRL Icon Yellow.svg KA Commuter Loopline

TransJakarta Corridor 4 (Manggarai: 4-14)

South Jakarta
Jatinegara 2.6 13.3 KRL Icon Yellow.svg KA Commuter Loopline

TransJakarta Corridor 11 (St. Jatinegara 2: K11-14)

East Jakarta
Klender 3.4 16.7 TransJakarta Corridor 11 (Stasiun Klender: K11-9)
Buaran 3.1 19.8
Klender Baru 1.3 21.1
Cakung 1.3 22.4
Kranji 3.1 25.5 Bekasi West Java
Bekasi 2.5 26.5
Bekasi Timur
Cikarang 44

Rolling stock[edit]

Past rolling stock[edit]


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