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Khanom piak pun (Thai: ขนมเปียกปูน Thai pronunciation: [khànǒm piàk pūːn]; literally "limewater-dampened sweets") is a type of Thai dessert. It is similar in texture to khanom chan, despite being different in appearance. Khanom chan can be peeled into layers, while khanom piak pun is solid throughout. Khanom piak pun is one of Thai dessert that was created by Thai people in the part.It is adapt from Khanom kuan or Kalamea by add limewater ino it and add black color from burning spathe. In present, Khanom piak pun has been modified by adding the green color from The pandan leaf.


It is made with rice flour, palm sugar and precipitated limewater (น้ำปูนใส; RTGSnam pun sai; Thai pronunciation: [náːm pūːn sǎj]). The word ปูน (lime) gives sweet its name. The mixture is often thickened using arrowroot or tapioca starch.[1] As a colouring, charred coconut coir (fibre from outer husk) or crushed pandan leaves may be added.[2] The mixture is then heated on the brass pan before allowed to set on the tray. Grated coconut may be sprinkled as desired.


In common with other Thai desserts, Khanom piakpoon is part of religious ceremonies, such as almsgiving, house opening and funeral.[3]

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