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khanom chan means layer dessert.

Khanom Chan (Thai: ขนมชั้น, pronounced [kʰānǒm t͡ɕʰán]) is one of the ancient Thai desserts, which Thai ancestors usually made for auspicious ceremonies. In Thai, the word “Khanom” (Thai: ขนม) means dessert, “Chan” (Thai: ชั้น) means layer. It is usually steamed in the complete 9 layer form. The number nine itself has connotations of prosperity in Thai culture (in Thai, 'nine' also sounds like ‘progress’). Khanom Chan therefore represents prosperity in life and promotion in your occupation.

Khanom Chan is frangrant, subtly sweet and slightly oily from the addition of coconut milk. The texture is smooth yet sticky.[1]

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