List of political and geographic subdivisions by total area from 20,000 to 30,000 km²

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This is one of a series of comprehensive lists of continents, countries, and first level administrative country subdivisions such as states, provinces, and territories, as well as certain political and geographic features of substantial area.[1] Some divisions are listed twice, with one listing including territory that is excluded in the other for various reasons, including territorial disputes. Names of currently existing countries are bolded, while names of geographic features are italicized. There is intentional overlap between the lists in order to maximize ease of use.

Geographic entity Area (km2) Notes
Papua New Guinea Central Province (Papua New Guinea) 29,98 Province of Papua New Guinea.
Algeria Naâma Province 29,950 Province of Algeria.
Russia Kaluga Oblast 29,900 Federal subject of Russia.
Poland Greater Poland Voivodeship (Wielkopolskie) 29,854 Second largest Voivodeship of Poland.
Ukraine Zhytomyr Oblast 29,832 Oblast of Ukraine.
 Misiones 29,801 Province of Argentina.
Russia Kursk Oblast 29,800 Federal subject of Russia.
 Armenia 29,800 Country in the Caucasus region of Europe.
 Galicia 29,574 Autonomous community of Spain.
Brandenburg Brandenburg 29,477 State of Germany.
Colombia Cauca Department 29,308 District of Colombia.
Kyrgyzstan Osh Province 29,200 Third largest province of Kyrgyzstan.
Senegal Louga Region 29,188 Second largest region of Senegal.
Iran Kurdistan Province 29,137 Province of Iran.
Iran Markazi Province 29,130 Province of Iran.
Ecuador Pastaza Province 29,068 Largest province of Ecuador.
Nigeria Kogi State 29,063 State of Nigeria.
Russia Vladimir Oblast 29,000 Federal subject of Russia.
Belarus Mahilyow Voblast (Mahilyow Province ) 29,000 Second smallest province of Belarus.
Flag of Monagas State.png Monagas 28,930 State of Venezuela.
Great Slave Lake 28,930 Lake in Canada.
 Solomon Islands 28,896 Country in Oceania.
Papua New Guinea Madang Province 28,886 Province of Papua New Guinea.
Guinea Kindia Region 28,873 Third smallest region of Guinea.
Ukraine Poltava Oblast 28,748 Oblast of Ukraine.
 Albania 28,748 Country in Europe.
Myanmar Kayin State 28,726 State of Myanmar (Myanmar has certain administrative divisions titled as Divisions, and others titled as States).
Tajikistan Region of Republican Subordination 28,600 Second largest province of Tajikistan.
Ivory Coast Vallée du Bandama District 28,518 District of Côte d'Ivoire.
Ivory Coast Lacs District 25,800 District of Côte d'Ivoire.
Turkey Sivas Province 28,488 Second largest province of Turkey.
Botswana Southern 28,470 District of Botswana.
Ukraine Kherson Oblast 28,461 Oblast of Ukraine.
Iran North Khorasan Province 28,434 Province of Iran.
Uzbekistan Qashqadaryo Province 28,400 Province of Uzbekistan.
Zimbabwe Mashonaland Central 28,374 Smallest province of Zimbabwe.
 Hawaii 28,311 State of the United States.
Iran Lorestan Province 28,294 Province of Iran.
Sweden Dalarna County 28,194 County of Sweden.
Ukraine Kiev Oblast 28,131 Oblast of Ukraine.
 Equatorial Guinea 28,051 Country in Africa.
Chad Logone Oriental 28,035 Region of Chad.
 Burundi 27,834 Country in Africa.
 Alagoas 27,768 State of Brazil.
 Haiti 27,750 Country in the Caribbean.
Egypt North Sinai Governorate 27,574 Governorate of Egypt.
Norway Hedmark 27,388 County of Norway.
France Languedoc-Roussillon 27,386 Region of France.
 Massachusetts 27,336 State of the United States.
Nicaragua South Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region 27,260 Second largest region of Nicaragua.
Pakistan Federally Administered Tribal Areas 27,220 Province of Pakistan.
France Brittany 27,208 Region of France.
Republic of the Congo Cuvette-Ouest 27,200 Department of the Republic of the Congo. Area is approximate, as sources conflict.
Ukraine Zaporizhia Oblast 27,180 Oblast of Ukraine.
Russia Belgorod Oblast 27,100 Federal subject of Russia.
Nigeria Oyo State 27,036 State of Nigeria.
 Nayarit 26,979 State of Mexico.
Tanzania Tanga 26,808 Region of Tanzania.
Ukraine Luhansk Oblast 26,684 Oblast of Ukraine.
Nigeria Nasarawa State 26,633 State of Nigeria.
Central African Republic Nana-Mambéré 26,600 Prefecture of the Central African Republic.
Namibia Omusati 26,573 Region of Namibia.
Nigeria Plateau State 26,539 State of Nigeria.
Ukraine Donetsk Oblast 26,517 Oblast of Ukraine.
Ukraine Vinnitsa Oblast 26,513 Oblast of Ukraine.
 Rwanda 26,338 Country in Africa.
Benin Alibori Department 26,242 Largest department of Benin.
Russia Republic of Mordovia 26,200 Federal subject of Russia.
 Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina 26,111 Political entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Ukraine Crimea 26,081 Autonomous republic of Ukraine.
France Auvergne 26,013 Region of France.
Colombia Bolívar Department 25,978 District of Colombia.
Republic of the Congo Niari 25,940 Department of the Republic of the Congo.
Egypt Asyut Governorate 25,926 Governorate of Egypt.
Benin Borgou Department 25,856 Second largest department of Benin.
Norway Troms 25,848 County of Norway.
France Poitou-Charentes 25,810 Region of France.
Ethiopia Gambela Region 25,802 Region of Ethiopia.
Ivory Coast Bas-Sassandra 25,800 District of Côte d'Ivoire.
Scotland Highland 25,784 Largest unitary district of Scotland; largest sub-country entity of the United Kingdom.
Mozambique Maputo Province 25,756 Smallest non-city province of Mozambique.
Lake Erie 25,719 Lake in North America, between Canada and the United States.
 Republic of Macedonia 25,713 Country in Europe.
SicilyKingdom of Sicily 25,708 A medieval kingdom centered on the Island of Sicily, lasting from 1282-1811/1816.
Italy Sicily 25,708 Largest region of Italy.
Turkey Ankara Province 25,706 Third largest province of Turkey.
Russia Tula Oblast 25,700 Federal subject of Russia.
France Champagne-Ardenne 25,606 Region of France.
New Zealand Waikato 25,598 Region of New Zealand.
Peru La Libertad Region 25,500 Region of Peru.
Tajikistan Sughd 25,400 Province of Tajikistan.
Italy Piedmont 25,399 Second largest region of Italy.
Gabon Ogooué-Lolo 25,380 Province of Gabon.
Peru Pasco Region 25,320 Region of Peru.
 Tabasco 25,267 State of Mexico.
Norway Oppland 25,191 County of Norway.
Poland Lublin Voivodeship (Lubelskie) 25,115 Third largest Voivodeship of Poland.
Senegal Matam Region 25,083 Third largest region of Senegal.
Turkey Erzurum Province 25,066 Province of Turkey.
Algeria Laghouat Province 25,057 Province of Algeria.
Colombia Córdoba Department 25,020 District of Colombia.
Belarus Hrodna Voblast (Hrodna Province ) 25,000 Smallest province of Belarus.
Iran Kermanshah Province 24,998 Province of Iran.
 Vermont 24,901 State of the United States.
Colombia Putumayo Department 24,885 District of Colombia.
Flag of Falcon State.png Falcón 24,800 State of Venezuela.
Tajikistan Khatlon 24,800 Smallest province of Tajikistan.
Russia Oryol Oblast 24,700 Federal subject of Russia.
Flag of Munster.svg Munster 24,608 A historical province of Ireland occupying the southern quarter of the island.
Ukraine Mykolaiv Oblast 24,598 Oblast of Ukraine.
Ukraine Kirovohrad Oblast 24,588 Oblast of Ukraine.
Cameroon Southwest Province 24,571 Province of Cameroon.
 Republika Srpska 24,526 Political entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Flag of Ulster.svg Ulster 24,481 A historical province of Ireland occupying the northern quarter of the island (all but two counties correspond to Northern Ireland).
Ghana Ashanti Region 24,390 Third largest region of Ghana.
Iceland Southern Region (Iceland) 24,256 Largest region of Iceland.
Honduras Olancho 24,351 Largest department of Honduras.
 New Hampshire 24,216 State of the United States.
Colombia Cundinamarca Department 24,210 District of Colombia.
Poland Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship (Warmińsko-Mazurskie) 24,204 Voivodeship of Poland.
Angola Cuanza Norte Province 24,190 Province of Angola.
Morocco Taza-Al Hoceima-Taounate 24,155 Region of Morocco.
Russia Lipetsk Oblast 24,100 Federal subject of Russia.
Italy Sardinia 24,090 Third largest region of Italy.
Sweden Västra Götaland County 23,945 County of Sweden.
Ivory Coast Sassandra-Marahoué District 23,280 District of Côte d'Ivoire.
Ghana Western Region 23,921 Region of Ghana.
Ecuador Morona-Santiago 23,875 Second largest province of Ecuador.
Italy Lombardy 23,861 Region of Italy.
Ukraine Sumy Oblast 23,834 Oblast of Ukraine.
Nigeria Katsina State 23,822 State of Nigeria.
Colombia Arauca Department 23,818 District of Colombia.
Iran Mazandaran Province 23,701 Province of Iran.
Colombia Tolima Department 23,562 District of Colombia.
Lake Winnipeg 23,553 Lake in Canada.
France Lorraine 23,547 Region of France.
Nigeria Jigawa State 23,415 State of Nigeria.
Sudan Gezira 23,373 State of Sudan.
Syria Al-Hasakah 23,334 Third largest governorate of Syria.
Ivory Coast Lagunes District 23,280 District of Côte d'Ivoire.
New Zealand West Coast 23,276 Region of New Zealand.
 Valencian Community 23,255 Autonomous community of Spain.
Russia Mari El Republic 23,200 Federal subject of Russia.
 Djibouti 23,200 Country in Africa.
Colombia Boyacá Department 23,189 District of Colombia.
Colombia Magdalena Department 23,188 District of Colombia.
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 23,174 State of Germany.
Italy Tuscany 22,997 Region of Italy.
 Belize 22,966 Country in Central America.
South Sudan Central Equatoria 22,956 State of South Sudan.
Afghanistan Ghazni Province 22,915 Province of Afghanistan.
Colombia Cesar Department 22,905 District of Colombia.
Poland West Pomeranian Voivodeship (Zachodniopomorskie) 22,902 Voivodeship of Poland.
Gabon Ogooué-Maritime 22,890 Province of Gabon.
Guinea Labé Region 22,869 Second smallest region of Guinea.
Iran Bushehr Province 22,743 Province of Iran.
Papua New Guinea Oro Province 22,735 Province of Papua New Guinea.
Iceland Eastern Region (Iceland) 22,721 Second largest region of Iceland.
Afghanistan Orūzgān Province 22,696 Province of Afghanistan.
Bandera de Reino de Navarra.svg Kingdom of Navarre 22,670 A Spanish Kingdom during the reconquista, lasting from 824-1620.
 New Jersey 22,588 State of the United States.
 Tucumán 22,524 Province of Argentina.
India Meghalaya 22,429 State of India.
Norway Nord-Trøndelag 22,396 County of Norway.
India Manipur 22,327 State of India.
Chad Lac 22,320 Region of Chad.
Mauritania Dakhlet Nouadhibou 22,300 Region of Mauritania.
Iceland Westfjords 22,271 Third largest region of Iceland.
New Zealand Manawatu-Wanganui 22,206 Region of New Zealand.
Bangladesh Khulna Division 22,181 Division of Bangladesh.
 Israel (including disputed territory) 22,145 Country in Middle East. Including the Golan Heights; excluding the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Sudan Khartoum 22,142 Smallest state of Sudan.
Colombia Valle del Cauca 22,140 District of Colombia.
Peru Huancavelica Region 22,131 Region of Peru.
Italy Emilia-Romagna 22,124 Region of Italy.
Nigeria Cross River State 22,112 State of Nigeria.
Indonesia Kepulauan Riau 21,992 Province of Indonesia.
Iceland Northeastern Region (Iceland) 21,968 Region of Iceland.
 Sergipe 21,910 State of Brazil.
Zambia Lusaka Province 21,898 Smallest province of Zambia; split from Central Province in 1973, Lusaka province was initially only 360 km2, but by 1988 it had been enlarged to its present size..
Ukraine Lviv Oblast 21,831 Oblast of Ukraine.
Russia Ivanovo Oblast 21,800 Federal subject of Russia.
Laos Savannakhet 21,774 Largest province of Laos.
Iran Zanjan Province 21,773 Province of Iran.
Sweden Västernorrland County 21,678 County of Sweden.
Ecuador Orellana 21,691 Third largest province of Ecuador.
Colombia Norte de Santander Department 21,658 District of Colombia.
Serbia Vojvodina 21,506 Province of Serbia.
 México 21,355 State of Mexico.
Peru Ica Region 21,328 Region of Peru.
Gabon Nyanga Province 21,285 Third smallest province of Gabon.
 Tierra del Fuego 21,263 Province of Argentina. Not including claims on the Malvinas (Falkland Islands), South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, nor Argentine Antarctica.
Indonesia Bengkulu 21,168 Province of Indonesia.
Afghanistan Baghlan Province 21,118 Province of Afghanistan.
Hesse Hesse (Hessen) 21,115 State of Germany.
India Mizoram 21,081 State of India.
 El Salvador 21,041 Country in Central America.
 Perak 21,006 State of Malaysia.
Ivory Coast Denguélé District 20,997 District of Côte d'Ivoire.
Algeria Biskra Province 20,986 Province of Algeria.
Republic of the Congo Lékoumou 20,950 Department of the Republic of the Congo.
Ecuador Guayas Province 20,902 Province of Ecuador.
Ukraine Cherkasy Oblast 20,900 Oblast of Ukraine.
Peru Apurímac Region 20,896 Region of Peru.
Colombia Guajira Department 20,848 District of Colombia.
 Hidalgo 20,813 State of Mexico.
Uzbekistan Surxondaryo Province 20,800 Province of Uzbekistan.
 Wales 20,779 Second smallest constituent country of the United Kingdom.
 Israel (excluding disputed territory) 20,770 Country in Middle East. Excluding the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Gabon Estuaire Province 20,740 Second smallest province of Gabon.
Algeria Tiaret Province 20,673 Province of Algeria.
Ukraine Khmelnytskyi Oblast 20,645 Oblast of Ukraine.
Turkey Antalya Province 20,591 Province of Turkey.
Afghanistan Badghis Province 20,591 Province of Afghanistan.
Ghana Volta Region 20,572 Region of Ghana.
Uzbekistan Jizzax Province 20,500 Province of Uzbekistan.
Benin Atakora Department 20,499 Department of Benin.
Thailand Nakhon Ratchasima Province 20,494 Largest province of Thailand.
Saxony-Anhalt Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt) 20,445 State of Germany.
Nigeria Kano State 20,389 State of Nigeria.
Papua New Guinea West New Britain Province 20,387 Province of Papua New Guinea.
Afghanistan Faryab Province 20,293 Province of Afghanistan.
 Slovenia 20,256 Country in Europe.
Cameroon Littoral Province 20,239 Third smallest province of Cameroon.
Kyrgyzstan Chuy Province 20,200 Province of Kyrgyzstan.
Iran Golestan Province 20,195 Province of Iran.
Poland Podlaskie Voivodeship (Podlaskie) 20,171 Voivodeship of Poland.
Ukraine Volyn Oblast 20,144 Oblast of Ukraine.
Iran Ilam Province 20,133 Province of Iran.
Thailand Chanthaburi Province 20,107 Second largest province of Thailand.
Ukraine Rivne Oblast 20,047 Oblast of Ukraine.
Paraguay San Pedro Department 20,002 Department of Paraguay.

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