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[1][2][3]M.S. Banesh is a Malayalam poet and documentary film maker.[4] He was born at Kodungallur in Thrissur District in Kerala, a southern state in India. Currently he lives in Trivandrum. His first anthology of poems is Nenjum Virichu Thala Kunikkunnu (Kottayam: DC Books, 2007 ISBN 978-81-264-1723-0). His second anthology of poems is also published by DC books. The title of the book is Kaathu Shikshikkane(DC Books, 2012 ISBN 978-81-264-3671-2). His poems have been translated into English & Kannada and are included in several anthologies of Malayalam as well as Indian poetry of the post modern phase. Further, MS Banesh is an award-winning documentary film maker who won Six State Television Awards. Now he is working as Programme Head in Reporter TV, Cochin, Kerala. Earlier he worked as News Editor & Head of the department of Current Affairs in Jeevan TV, senior programme producer in Kairali-People TV, and in Kalakaumudhi Weekly, (Trivandrum, Kerala). He was schooled in his native place at Govt Boys High School. He postgraduated in Malayalam Language and Literature from Maharajas College Ernakulam.


Awards (Documentary Films)[edit]

  1. Kerala State Television Award for the Direction of the Documentary Garbhinikalude Ward in 2002[6]
  2. Kerala State Television Award for the Direction of the Documentary Shavamuriyil Ningaleyum Kaathu in 2005[7]
  3. Kerala State Television Award for the Direction of the Documentary Ulladakkangal in 2006[8]
  4. Kerala State Television Award for the Direction of the Documentary "The Great People's Slum" in 2011 State Award
  5. Kerala State Television Award for the Direction of the Documentary "Snehanayakan in 2013
  6. Kerala State Television Award for the Best Article On Television in Malayalam (Manushyar Manushyare Andharakkunna Vidham) in 2013
  7. Kerala Film Critics Award for the Direction of the Documentary Wounded By Sandal in 2003
  8. Vayalar Ramavarma Award for the documentary Narakathil Ninnulla Kurippukal in 2011
  9. National Child Development Council Media Award in 2010, for the direction of the Documentary:Swathanthrya Kudiyirakkal)NCDC AwardNCDC Award For MS Banesh
  10. Lohithadas Award for the best socially committed Documentary, Maha Agnus Devi in 2012.http://www.cityjournal.in/Newspaper/20120403/Metro/Metro_19.html
  11. Kerala Film Audience Council Award for the Documentary Words From The Crematorium in 2012. http://www.cityjournal.in/Newspaper/20120419/Metro/Metro_2.html
  12. National Film Academy Kids TV Award for the documentary Swathanthrya Kudiyirakkal in 2011.http://marunadanmalayalee.com/Banesh%20-71247.html
  13. Musiris Television Award for the best Documentary, Murukopasana in 2012.
  14. Second Best Documentary in the National Documentary Fest, Photofest India, for the Documentary Asahyan- The Vanishing Breast in 2004.
  15. Kodamana Narayanan Nair Memorial Award for Best Visual Media Journalist 2010
  16. Television Programmes promotion Councils' Best Current Affairs Documentary Award for "Dogs in Laloor in 2012
  17. KAZCHA Television Award by Kerala Television Viewer's Association for the Programme NETIZEN JOURNALIST, Telecasted by Jeevan TV http://www.keralatv.in/2012/05/kazhcha-television-awards-2012/
  18. Bharanikkavu Shivakumar Memorial Media Award for Best Entertainment Programme, Netizen Journalist 2012
  19. Sharthchandran Memorial Documentary Award by Riyadh Indian Media Forum, for the Documentary 'Puzhayude' Jathakam, 2012 http://www.dcbooks.com/sarath-chandran-award-for-m-s-banesh.html
  20. The Laadli Media Documentary award by United Nation's Population First, for the Direction of the Documentary "Pennu Kettiya Veedu"Laadli Media Award for MS Banesh


1. Kaathu Shikshikkane Anthology of Poems, Published by DC Books,2012) Audience surge continues

2. Nenjum Virichu Thala Kunikkunnu Anthology of poems, Published DC Books, Kootayam, 2007

3. Pranayavum Dhyanavum (translation to Malayalam-Love & Meditation by Osho Rajneesh), Fabian Books Aleppy, 1998

4. Kalapathinte Utharangal (Interviews with MN Vijayan) Fabian Books, Aleppy

5. Buddhijeevikalude Mounam (Translation to Malayalam-Noam Chomsky), Fabian Books, Aleppy

6. Kali-The Flaming Faces (Documentary Script) Fabian Books, Aleppy[9]



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