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N. P. Mohammed (1 July 1928 – 3 January 2003), popularly known by his initials N.P., was a Malayalam novelist and short story writer from Kerala state, South India.[1] He, along with his contemporaries like M. T. Vasudevan Nair, O. V. Vijayan, Kakkanadan, and Kamala Das ushered in a modernist movement in Malayalam fiction in the late 1950s.[2] During his long literary career NP served as the President of Kerala Sahitya Akademi.[3]

His novel Daivathinte Kannu won the Kendra Sahithya Academy Award (Malayalam) in 1993.[4] NP wrote the novel Arabi Ponnu (The Arab Gold) along with M. T. Vasudevan Nair. MT and Mohamed stayed in a rented house in Karuvarakkundu village, Kozhikode for a period of two weeks to complete this work. The novel Hiranyakasipu, which tells us a story of power and politics, brings characters from Hindu mythology into a modern political setting in Kerala.

Malayalam writer and academic N. P. Hafiz Mohamad is the son of N. P. Mohammed.

List of works[edit]


  • Maram
  • Arabi Ponnu (1960, The Gold of Arabia; written with M. T. Vasudevan Nair)
  • Daivathinte Kannu (1990, winner of Kendra Sahithya Academy Award)
  • Hiranyakasipu
  • Guha (Cave)

Short story collections[edit]

  • N.P. Mohammedinte Kathakal (2002)ln Malayalam
  • Ente Priyappetta Kathakal (2003)