Manju (novel)

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Author M. T. Vasudevan Nair
Country India
Language Malayalam
Genre Novel
Publisher DC Books
Publication date
1964 (1964)
Media type Print

Manju (Mist) is a novel by M. T. Vasudevan Nair published in 1964. The novel is set in the mountains and valleys of Nainital where Vimala Devi, a teacher in a boarding school, waits in hope for the winter of her discontent to vanish. The eco-feminist theme of patriarchal domination and exploitation gains more prominence in Manju, MT's only novel with a female protagonist. The novel stands apart as set in a milieu different from the usual one, the Valluvanadan village.

The plot of the novel is allegedly similar to a Hindi story Parinde (Birds, 1956), by Nirmal Verma.[1] However both MT and Verma have rejected these claims. MT said in an interview with India Today , "I don't remember having ever read Verma's story although we are very close friends. I wrote Manju immediately after I returned from a visit to Nainital."[1] Verma himself says it is ridiculous to accuse an author of MT's calibre of plagiarism. "My story's English translation was published only five or six years ago by HarperCollins. I don't think MT reads Hindi works in original. So there is no substance to the charge that MT had read it before he wrote his novel," says Verma.[1]

MT also directed and scripted a film with the same name based on the novel in 1983. The film stars Sangeeta Naik, Sankar Mohan, Sankara Pillai and Nanditha Bose.[2] The novel also had a Hindi-language film adaptation titled Sarath Sandhya. This film however went completely unnoticed.


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