Viacom International Media Networks The Americas

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Viacom International Media Networks The Americas
Industry Entertainment
Cable television
Interactive Media
Founded 1993

Miami, United States
With 4 regional in:

Area served
Latin America
Owner Viacom Inc.

Viacom International Media Networks The Americas (VIMN The Americas, formerly MTV Networks Latin America, or MTVNLA) is a subsidiary of Viacom-owned Viacom International Media Networks. VIMN The Americas' operational headquarters is located in Miami, FL, USA soon to be relocated to Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. As currently being based in the United States, all VIMN The Americas channels are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, the U.S. broadcast regulator, despite not yet transmitting for the United States.


The following channels are:

Latin America[edit]


Viacom International Media Networks The Americas is a subsidiary of Viacom.


The company has regional offices in:

  • Bogotá, Colombia (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (Telefe, MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.)
  • São Paulo, Brazil (MTV, VH1, VH1 MegaHits, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. , Comedy Central Brasil and Paramount Channel)


MTVNLA's Brazilian operations, prior to the rebranding as VIMN The Americas, were called Viacom Networks Brasil, since Abril, the parent company of MTV Brasil, has the exclusive rights to the MTV brand in that country, though, from October 2013, VIMN The Americas assumed over again the MTV brand in Brazil and relaunch the channel, currently a broadcast network, as a cable channel. Viacom International Media Networks The Americas has announced the more localization of content on VH1 and Nickelodeon for Brazil, and Nickelodeon and MTV channels for Argentina and Mexico.

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