Ministry of Home Affairs (West Bengal)

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Ministry of Home Affairs
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Department overview
Jurisdiction Government of West Bengal
Headquarters Writers' Building, Kolkata
Minister responsible

The Ministry of Home Affairs of West Bengal known as the Home Ministry or MHA, is a Bengal government ministry.[1] It is an interior ministry mainly responsible for the administration of the West Bengal National Volunteer Force and Civil-Military Liaison, welfare of military personnel, RIMC admission test, scholarship to RIMC/NDA cadets, World War-II veteran pension, concessions to volunteer-members of Territorial Army, rewards to Gallantry/Distinguished Service Awardees.[1]

Ministerial Team[edit]

The ministerial team at the MHA is headed by the Cabinet Minister for Home Affairs, who may or may not be supported by Minister's of State. Civil servants are assigned to them to manage the ministers' office and ministry.[1]

The current head of the ministry is Mamata Banerjee who is also the Chief Minister of West Bengal.[1]