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Miss Earth 2002
Date 29 October 2002
Presenters Marc Nelson
Venue Folk Arts Theater, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Broadcaster ABS-CBN, The Filipino Channel, Star World
Entrants 55
Placements 10
Debuts Albania, Barbados, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Greece, Honduras, Korea, Kosovo, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, Switzerland, Uganda, Yugoslavia
Withdrawals Brazil, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Netherlands, Taiwan, Zanzibar

Džejla Glavović
 Bosnia & Herzegovina (dethroned)

Winfred Omwakwe
 Kenya (successor)
Congeniality Charlene Gaiviso
Best National Costume Lee Jin-ah
Photogenic April Rose Perez
← 2001
2003 →

Miss Earth 2002, the 2nd edition of Miss Earth pageant, was held in Pasay, Philippines on 29 October 2002.[1][2] In its second year, 55 delegates participated, exceeding the number of contestants in Miss International 2002, thereby becoming the world's third biggest international pageant in terms of number of contestants.[3][4]

Džejla Glavović of Bosnia & Herzegovina won the title that year, also receiving Miss Talent.[5][6] However, on May 28, 2003, the Miss Earth Foundation officially dethroned her "due to her failure to comply with the stipulations in her contract." First runner-up from Kenya, Winfred Omwakwe, took over the position of Miss Earth 2002.[7][8] Omwakwe was formally crowned as the new Miss Earth 2002 on August 7, 2003 at the Carousel Gardens in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.[9][10]


Countries and territories which sent delegates and results


Final results Contestant
Miss Earth 2002
Miss Earth - Air 2002
Miss Earth - Water 2002
Miss Earth - Fire 2002
  •  Greece - Juliana Patricia Drossou

Special awards[edit]

Awards Contestant
Miss Friendship  Gibraltar - Charlene Gaiviso
Miss Photogenic  Philippines - April Ross Perez
Miss Talent  Bosnia & Herzegovina - Džejla Glavović
Best National Costume  Korea - Lee Jin-ah
Best in Long Gown  Peru - Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos
Best in Swimsuit  Colombia - Diana Patricia Botero

Winning answer[edit]

Final Question in Miss Earth 2002: "Which has more significance to your life right now, a sunrise or a sunset?"

Final Answers in Miss Earth 2002: "Of course, sunrise because, first, it's romantic and when you look at sunrise you can feel something beautiful, a new day, and a new life. And when you look at sunrise I can feel positive energy to do something good for Earth. And I would like to say that it's not about sunrise, it's about our Mother Earth because we just have one home. So stop talking. Start acting." - Džejla Glavović, represented Bosnia & Herzegovina (Dethroned Miss Earth 2002).

"To me, the sunrise and the sunset are very important. But I must say, the sunrise is more important. I look forward to a brighter day. A day when all of us will put our hands together to fight against all our environmental problems and to live a better lives. Therefore, I believe all of us would like our children to have a better day. A day which they can breathe fresh air and drink fresh water and live a happy life." - Winnie Adah Omwakwe, represented Kenya (Succeeded Miss Kenya as Miss Earth 2002).[11]


List of countries and delegates that participated in Miss Earth 2002:[12]



  •  Brazil - Adriana Luci de Souza Reis



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